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Zim Parliament – Chinotimba asked to withdraw ‘Mamombe murwere’ remarks (WATCH)

There was drama yesterday in Parliament when Joseph Chinotimba, Temba Mliswa and Tendai Biti exchanged harsh words after Joana Mamombe had spoken against gender-based violence.

Madam Speaker, munoumu mapinda munhu anorwara, anopenga. Tomubvumidza kuti ngaataure (why have you allowed a mentally ill person to speak in Parliament),” Chinotimba said in Shona after Mamombe had spoken.

Mamombe was recently certified mentally unable to comprehend court proceedings in a case where she is on trial for faking her own abduction together with two other opposition MDC-A colleagues.

“We ask for your ruling to expel that bearded man from this House for abusing this young lady. Parliament must protect women. Women must feel secure in this August House, so this man Hon. Chinotimba must be expelled from this House,” Biti said.

At that moment, Mliswa stepped in and demanded that Chinotimba be at least forced to withdraw his unbecoming and insensitive statement.