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WATCH: Temba Mliswa kicked out of Parliament over Gukurahundi remarks

Outspoken Norton MP Temba Mliswa was ejected from Parliament on Tuesday after accusing Zanu PF of killing thousands of people in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces in the 1980s in what have been called the Gukurahundi Massacres.

Debating the controversial Patriotic Bill in Parliament, Mliswa accused Zanu-PF of orchestrating the massacres. His sentiments caused pandemonium in the National Assembly resulting in the acting Speaker of Parliament Tatenda Mavetera chasing him away.

Mliswa said: “Madam Speaker, so you have got ZANLA and ZIPRA going to war for national interest to liberate the country. So, who is qualified to call the other one a nationalist and a patriot?

“Why did Zanu-PF believe it had deranged and they continue with that brutality bringing this law in this House? The only thing Zanu-PF is known for is massacre. Gukurahundi, it did it.

“This is an emotional issue. There must be a Commission of Inquiry to deal with Zanu-PF people who led Gukurahundi.”