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“Blockade Beitbridge border post and we will assist,” Malema tells Zimbabwean youths – VIDEO

Firebrand EFF leader Julius Malema has tipped Zimbabwean youths to take the lead and blockade the Beitbridge Border Post for two days in protest against president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s misrule as political tensions and human rights violations continue to escalate in the country.

Malema said the blockade will result in cutting supply of goods that Zimbabwe is heavily dependent on, which in turn will conscientise the rest of Zimbabwean masses to revolt against Mnangagwa’s authoritarian rule.

The EFF leader says he believes Zimbabwean youths have the stomach to rise against Mnangagwa’s gross mismanagement of the economy and human rights abuses and pledged his party will stand in solidarity with the anti-Mnangagwa revolt from the other side of the border.