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Kumbirayi Katsande speaks on how Nestle cut ties with Robert Mugabe – VIDEO

Former Nestle boss Kumbirayi Katsande, the brains behind the creation of Cerevita explains how the multinational’s business venture with former president Robert Mugabe was controversially politicised to an extent that it was no longer viable to sustain.

Katsande says the media negatively sensationalised the business venture in a manner that influenced consumer perceptions and buying habits to boycott Nestle products.

The former Nestle boss said he was forced to pull the plug on the business agreement with Gushungo Dairy before the matter escalated and ruined the multinational’s image and reputation.

Katsande says though he found a way to reach an agreement with Mugabe to cut ties he faced a serious backlash from government ministers and ZANU PF youths that conveniently decided to get angry on Mugabe’s behalf.