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Mysterious healing lake attracts thousands in Nigeria

A new thing is happening at Nachi community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu state in Nigeria. 

The serene community which is located between Udi town market station, ‘Nkwoagu’ and Oji River Town, along the old Enugu, Onitsha road, has turned into a pilgrimage centre.

Hundreds of people daily throng the place, visiting and moving into the hinterland of the community on motorbikes to either fetch water for domestic use or take a spiritual bath from an inland water pool that mysteriously surfaced in the forest of the community about three weeks ago.

The news of the mysterious pool with healing power has continued to spread like wild fire across various cities and towns of the country. The resultant effect is that the community is witnessing increasing influx of visitors to the pool on daily basis. Sunday Pilot