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WATCH: Connie Machiwenyika’s heartfelt testimonial for Diaspora Insurance

Connie Machiwenyika gives a touching testimonial about her experience with Diaspora Insurance following the passing of her son and how they provided her with much-needed financial support during a difficult time.

Machiwenyika says she received prompt and efficient assistance and the company’s cash plan allowed her to manage her expenses with ease, ensuring that the funeral arrangements for her son proceeded smoothly.

Connie also highlights the personal touch provided by Diaspora Insurance, with the CEO visiting her home to offer condolences.

The company went above and beyond, creating portraits of her late son, and providing meaningful mementos like t-shirts, caps, and pens. They even organized a program for the family at no cost.

Additionally, Diaspora Insurance facilitated live streaming of the funeral, enabling friends and relatives who couldn’t attend in person to participate in the ceremony.

Connie’s powerful recommendation underscores the value of Diaspora Insurance, making it clear why others in the Diaspora community should consider their services.

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