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Tytan mocks Stunner as a clown hired to perform at Olinda’s 40th birthday

Musician Tytan Skhokho Nkomo has appeared to mock rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme as a nothing more than a clown who was hired to perform at his wife, Olinda Chapel’s 40th birthday party last month.

Stunner went on to serenade his ex-wife with a specially dedicated performance, while also gifting her a bouquet of red roses.

Asked during an interview by DJ Ollah 7 on Star FM on Wednesday about he felt about Olinda flirting with her ex-husband in Stunner, Tytan quipped back by saying;

“I was alright. People come to work yeah? If we call Ajigija (clown) to come and perform and get money, he comes, he performs and becomes the clown that we want him to be and he goes… Was it not an event?” he asked.

Despite Tytan’s response many people felt Olinda was disrespectful of Tytan after the two took things a notch higher, posting a number of pictures and videos together.