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WATCH – Babamunini Nijo episode 2 – Comic Pastor and Nigel Tha Slick Pastor

Hilarious comedians Comic Pastor and Nigel Tha Slick Pastor team up once again in the second exhilarating episode of Babamunini Nijo which depicts disintegrating relations of an extended family in modern times.

Nigel plays the notorious character of Babamunini Nijo, a man who flees the debts he owes in his rural home to settle with his older brother (Comic Pastor) and his wife in the city, in the guise that he has found a job.

Babamunini Nijo after getting acquainted with urban luxuries at his older brother’s home decides to establish himself for good at the house, a decision which could prove problematic in the near future as his older brother’s wife does not approve of him staying in their matrimonial home.