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MDC Alliance youth leader Ostallos Siziba says ANC and ZANU PF ‘revolutionary’ relations a stumbling block

MDC Alliance youth assembly secretary general Ostallos Siziba says the ANC’s recent visit to Zimbabwe was marred by political distortions bent to undermine the ongoing crisis in the country.

The ANC recently came in the country with the belief that it would meet ZANU PF, opposition parties, civic society and other relevant stakeholders to mitigate the ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe.

The ANC shifted goal posts and only met with the ruling ZANU PF government that is accused of gross corruption and mismanagement of the economy and cracking down on the resultant dissent.

Siziba said the ANC’s recent visit to ZANU PF exposes South Africa’s ruling party’s misplaced priorities to solve the ongoing crisis that has negatively impacted youths in Zimbabwe.

The MDC Alliance youth leader bemoaned that the ANC and ZANU PF’s ‘ill conceived sister party revolutionary allegiance to each other was actually a stumbling block to resolving the crisis.