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WATCH – Thokozani Khupe claims she has a ‘dream’ to solve economic woes

MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe during the ‘party’s’ 21st anniversary commemorations says she has a dream to restore Zimbabwe to its former bread basket glory.

Khupe stressed that her dream envisaged all the 14,6 million people in the country to have adequate food, shelter and health care.

She noted that Zimbabwe under the corrupt ZANU PF regime has been reduced to a begging bowl, and her new found vision sought to write these wrongs and eradicate poverty.

Khupe described the current ZANU PF government as a tyrannical government oppressing and suppressing its citizens like the biblical Egypt that persecuted the Israelites.

Khupe urged Mnangagwa to be a listening president he rhetorically claimed to be and address the economic challenges and hardships most ordinary citizens are facing.