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Kumbirayi Katsande reveals what inspired him to come up with Zimbabwe’s favourite breakfast brand Cerevita – VIDEO

Most Zimbabweans relish our very own favourite breakfast Nestle Cerevita brand without knowing how the product came to existence.

Seasoned Journalist Trevor Ncube discusses with Kumbirayi Katsande the brains behind the creation of Cerevita, how our favourite breakfast cereal brand came to existence.

Katsande says what inspired him to come with the Cerevita brand was recognising the market gaps, where he identified that young adults were still consuming baby food Cerelac because the market was not offering a similar product for adults.

According to Katsande, after recognising the market gaps, he then liaised with his local team to come with the Cerevita brand to fill in the void space being left by Cerelac, which by the way is also delicious.