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Vanhu vaya vatanga – Stunner and Olinda in new back and forth insults – VIDEO

Unbridled Zim Hip Hop artiste Stunner has attacked ex girlfriend Olinda Chapel claiming she is sleeping around with several men without revealing her HIV status.

Stunner says he will no longer remain quiet while Olinda has been relentlessly attacking him, saying from now onwards he will trade a blow for a blow and an insult for an insult with no bars held.

The outspoken Hip Hop artiste accused Olinda of ‘slaying’ and pretending to be a wealthy business woman when she was struggling to pay several debts she left in the country before she relocated to the UK.

Olinda meanwhile has denied the allegations by Stunner and unleashed her own dirt on the rapper claiming the “Godo” hitmaker had an affair with his wife’s young sister.