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PARODY: Douglas Mwonzora decides to quit politics – Taffy Theman

After suffering the humiliation of not winning a single National Assembly or Council seat despite causing the by-elections, Douglas Mwonzora is the butt of more jokes from comedian Taffy Theman.

In this skit, the Australia based comedian/activist is at the MDC-T Harvest House HQ in Harare trying to meet Mwonzora with the now viral chant “Dhagi Dhagi”.

In a press conference this week Mwonzora conceded his party’s humiliating defeat in by-elections held on Saturday but bizarrely compared the MDC-T performance to Lionel Messi or Diego Maradona missing a penalty.

Mwonzora vowed “it’s not time yet to write the MDC epitaph”.