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Dj Naida ft Tahle Wedzinza – Sweetie Lavo (Official Video) #Amapiano

Dj Naida and Tahle Wedzinza come together for this infectious amapiano track called Sweetie Lavo.

Speaking to Nehanda TV, Tahle said “This collaboration is really something I’m proud because it’s my first successful female collaboration. For me it’s really what the song symbolizes and it’s that women work better with each other rather than against each other.

“Molding two different styles together was such an amazing artistic journey, I really pray other amazing women see and feel the beauty and power in female collaboration.”

On how the two came together Tahle said “I think Dj Naida saw a song of mine that was posted on one of our zimblogs. She loved the vocals and she hit me up. Literally was like, ” Hey I have a song , I want you on it. ” I heard it I loved it , I said I’m in !!”

“I’ve always wanted to collaborate with a female lol I guess the right fit came along. She is really nice to work with. It has been a pleasure.

“Shout out to the Director of the video, Jonathan Samukange aka DyrektaO , for putting this beautiful work of art. Lol we literally said , ” okay dude, you talk a big game with all this green screen and editing 👀, I’ll comment when it’s done” he did a good job I nearly had nothing to say.

“The video are many little stories within each other , we have the female with gun , cruising through streets with her range rover , that’s and ode to our boss babes.

“We have the women walking through fire and through the water , that’s ode to woman power and femininityy.

“And the beauty of art is it can meandifferentt things to different women. Lol and men included we won’t forget the men,” Tahle told Nehanda TV.