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WATCH: Job Sikhala blows gasket at murdered MDC cadre’s funeral

A visibly angry Job Sikhala recently took to the podium at the funeral of Nyasha Zhambe (48), an MDC Alliance supporter who succumbed to his injuries after being beaten up by Zanu PF thugs.

In his address at the burial at Matungamidze Village, headman Mawere in Gutu, captured by the Masvingo Mirror, the MDC Alliance top brass member called out the ruling party for their documented and storied trail of violence that goes back to the 80s.

“This is not death by the hand of God. This is death by the hand of that party who thinks they have divine power over life and death.”

Throughout the history of Zimbabwe, political violence has been prevalent with the massacre of an estimated 20 000 people in 1986-1987 a major blemish in the political landscape.

Recently in August 2019, the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) shot protesters and bystanders during a demonstration in Harare.

The Monthlathe Commission was set up to get to the bottom of the matter, however no recommendations have been implemented from the findings to date.