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Taffy Theman drops ‘Mabasa e Dark Force, (Devil’s Work parody) Mnangagwa diss

Self-styled comedian Taffy Theman has come out guns blazing against president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration for the wanton crackdown on dissent and growing human rights violations in his latest hip hop satirical offering titlteld ‘Mabasa e Dark Force.’

‘Mabasa e Dark Force,” is a parody to Joyner Lucas’s hit gem Devil’s Work where Taffy Theman artistically beseeches Mnangagwa to return missing activist Itai Dzamara and take Victor Matemadanda, amongst other issues.

In the song Taffy Theman also accuses Mnangagwa’s administration for doing the devil’s work by subjecting people to abject poverty and gross human right violations.