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Ritual Killing: Tapiwa Makore’s parents narrate their ordeal to journalists – VIDEO

The bereaved parents of Tapiwa Makore, who was recently murdered in a gruesome ritual killing in Murehwa, narrate how the untimely death of their beloved son has negatively affected them.

Tapiwa was found butchered with only the torso remaining as his head, arms and limbs were cut off.

Munyaradzi Makore the father says he can’t come to terms with why his older brother, his own flesh and blood Tapiwa Makore snr, would commit such a despicable crime against him while pretending to assist the family in the search for the missing boy.

His wife bemoans that Tapiwa Makore snr had the sheer audacity to chastise her for being careless and also threatened to beat her up in an act when he was responsible for the gruesome murder.