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Masystem Episode 9 – Bustop TV skit

Outstanding comedians, Maggie, Gonyeti and Terrence star in this new exciting Bustop Tv skit that satirically exposes the infamous ‘Catch and Release’ policy currently being pursued by the country’s judiciary when handling high profile cases involving ZANU PF bigwigs and affiliates.

Masystems episode 9 unpacks how powerful politicians abuse their office by roping in runner boys to open shelf companies and front their illicit businesses.

However, when the law comes knocking at the door, the runner boys are the ones that take the fall while the powerful Bigwigs who mastermind the corrupt dealings walk scot free.

Masystems episode 9 also gives in-depth analysis on how journalists and whistleblowers that expose corruption suffer injustices at the hands of powerful ZANU PF politicians and affiliates.