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WATCH – Mutsvangwa attacks catholic bishops says they are ‘evil’ and ‘genocidal’

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa unrestrainedly attacked Catholic bishops calling them ‘evil’ and ‘genocidal’ clergymen, for criticising government for the human rights violations and crackdown on opposition activists, as political tensions continue to escalate.

 Mutsvangwa uses all manner of derogatory foul language to dehumanise and vilify the clergymen as western regime change agents that wanted to incite citizens to rise against the ZANU PF government.

 The feisty information minister Mutsvangwa singles out ZCBC president Archbishop Christopher Ndlovu perniciously branding him a tribalist with parallel similarities to Rwandan bishop Athanese Seromba who was sentenced to life imprisonment for inciting a genocide.

Mutsvanga uses divisive tribal undertones and overtones to label the Ndebele a ‘righteous minority’ while subtly echoing sentiments reminiscent of the Gukurundi massacres.