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WATCH – Zimbabwean citizen exposes false local church leaders

A concerned Zimbabwean citizen has accused local church leaders of working in cahoots with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime to oppress the masses by choosing to remain mum while political tensions continue to escalate in the country.

The anonymous citizen accused church leaders Ezekiel Guti, Nehemiah Mutendi and Andrew Wutawunashe of taking the side of the oppressor by choosing to remain silent as corruption, human rights violations and abductions continue to escalate under Mnangagwa’s regime.

Mutendi, Guti and Wutawunashe are beneficiaries of the controversial Farm Mechanization scheme that bled the ailing Zimbabwean economy.

In the video footage the concerned citizen labels Guti, Mutendi and Wutawunashe as cult leaders benefiting from ZANU PF’s corruption and feeding trough at the expense of the suffering masses.