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WATCH: Zanu PF wants US ambassador Nichols expelled from Zimbabwe

Zanu PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa accused Brian Nichols of sponsoring violent demonstrations aimed at overthrowing President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration.

“The US ambassador who I’m told is African American, he must be totally ashamed of himself. He continues to engage in acts of undermining this Republic, mobilising and funding disturbances, coordinating violence and training insurgency.

“Our leadership will not hesitate to give him marching orders. Diplomats should not behave like thugs. Brian Nichols is a thug,” Chinamasa said.

“We remind him that he is not a super diplomat in this country. There are several diplomats that are seconded to this republic from the African Union member countries and the world over. They have never masqueraded and pretended to be our prefects as Mr Nichols is doing,” Chinamasa added.