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#TLFDrive | Acie Lumumba meets Lorraine “#Ndinyengeyiwo” Guyo

#TLFDRIVE – Acie Lumumba meets Lorraine “#Ndinyengeyiwo” Guyo as she clears up her viral video and the controversy surrounding it!

The Ndinyengeiwo girl – Lorraine Guyo – last week made headlines after asking suitors to propose to her ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Explaining the video clip, Lorraine said the skit, her alter ego, was a “genuine” joke, adding that she has been recording such skits for a while.

“This is one of the many videos I’ve recorded. It’s just that this one made it’s way to the public but I’ve many of them. I’m very passionate about acting and recording my skits.

“I recorded this particular one as a joke for Valentine’s Day. Sadly, there were people who didn’t understand that it was a joke and blew the whole issue out of proportion.”