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Chaos in Parliament of Zimbabwe – Chamisa vs Mudenda (video)

  • Thandie Gwatidzo

    Whats wrong with Zimbabwean Lawmakers?
    If the speaker says IDIOT out idiot must vacate! Simple

    • Alan Shaw

      Thandie it seems like you have never seen any parliamentary seating. They are rowdy ANYWHERE you go and they even get physical is some cases. Who’s the idiot now?

      • Pedro Gorosviba

        I think she is

      • Mennon

        Thandie is the idiot

    • siparagada

      You don’t have to go out of your way trying to convince us that you are an idiot because we have never doubted it.

    • Nhodza

      Wazvinzwa here Thandie, hanzi benzi ndiwe!

    • chinua achebe


  • sekuru murehwa

    something is really wrong here, how does this mudenda treat parliamentarians like students? is tis how we want Zimbabwe to be? we want our nation back

  • nhaimi ndionereiwo mudenda

    • kismores

      This is real childish. Muzenda is really sick – ane denda chairo. Chamisa must learn to control himself. Zimbabweans and the country do not need all this. They should knuckle down to real parliamentary business. The economy is in tatters, the roads are in atrocious state while they are wasting energy shouting and showing contest of power.

  • hapana zvinoziikanwa

  • bosscow

    useless mudenda really hehehehhe

  • Fox

    This Mudenda guy thinks being speaker means you can eject MPs from the house willy nilly. No. That is not how it works. He can only do so if an MP has violated a particular house rule. In this case Mudenda was out of order himself and he treated honorable Chamisa like a school boy. Pure lack of respect and that is not expected of a Speaker. He is becoming too arrogant and unbecoming.

  • good chamisa

  • tarch

    Aah how can the speaker respond to Chamisa with such a voice as if anotsiura mwana wake. Hanzi..”sit down”. Order!!!!, what order when there is disorder in interpreting the constitution nhai advocate Mudenda. These MPs are also parents and deserve respect.

  • gandangamusic

    Why are they all in Colonial drag ? I see they even have a man carrying the black rod at 07:00 Sovereign !- thats a lie.

    • Azanian Pulse

      Metaphysics is that you cuz?? i see you got your ear on the ground, We need more of that deep cataclysmic scientific rasta shit. Mad love from Aussie!

  • thank you for this expose.

  • Nhodza

    Vane red tie avo ndevapiko vari kungoti “No No No No” vachikanda maoko?

  • Mafirakureva

    Thandie idhodhi like Mudenda

  • oky

  • oky

  • Teekay

    What was the argument about here?

  • Gameover zanoids

    Every zanoid is queueing up to appease Mugabe and his mafia by being anti opposition. How else can one justify Mudenda’s behaviour treating an MP like a child when he hasn’t violated house rules. Sick

  • Carlos

    I personally know Jacob Mudenda, he is a sepent and a traitor, remind him of his rally( with Inos Nkala ) in cross Dete, full of empty promises and hate speech. That basturd.