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WATCH: Nutty O and Gemma climb the Mbira Trail in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

In this film by Zetu, directed by Marc Neilson, singers Gemma Griffiths and Nutty O climb the Mbira Trail in Chimanimani while promoting the amazing scenery and tourist spots in Zimbabwe. 

The Mbira Trail is a part of the Big Five Trails, a group of incredible hiking trails in Nyanga, Vumba and Chimanimani, as well as from the lowest point of Zimbabwe to the highest and back.

The Mbira Trail is named so, because whenever it is walked the guide carries a Mbira or a Mbira player is invited as part of the group – promoting the breathtaking local music and culture. Gemma and Nutty were joined by Alec Muchayi and the Ngangu Band, who played and sang as they walked.

Gemma says it’s her dream for people across the country and abroad to take the challenge of the Big Five Trails, and to walk this Mbira Trail.

“I know I will be back, many times over to walk these mountains again.

“I know this is just the first of many times I will walk the Mbira Trail, one of the most life changing things I have done. And what makes it all the more special is it is right here on our doorstep, standing and waiting for us, so my final thank you goes to our beautiful Zimbabwe.”