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Witness says Ginimbi was still alive when he was pulled out of car

A witness has told the state broadcaster ZBC News that socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was still alive when they pulled him out of his Rolls Royce after the crash.

Moments later the vehicle burst into flames. Kadungure, affectionately known as Ginimbi, has tragically died after a head on collision in the Borrowdale area around 5:20 am this morning.

Ginimbi’s manager Ms Shally used his twitter account to post the following tweet;

“I feel like hell, I don’t even know which words to even use, Genius Kadungure has been called by God, he is no more. He was in a terrible accident around 5am, he died on the spot with 3 of his friends in the car, Karim, Elisha and Moana – Ms Shally.”