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Maduvha ft Oliver Mtukudzi (Official Video)

The light keeps shining and Oliver Mtukudzi’s music continues as Maduvha commemorates the legend who passed away on the 23rd January 2019.

The two have worked together over the years and this time was even more special when Maduvha featured Oliver Mtukudzi in her song titled Nyarara which is shona for keep quiet/ don’t cry.

The song was recorded before the unfortunate passing away of Dr Mtukudzi. Written by Maduvha the song is more of spiritual and inner strength overcoming.

Inspired by the crossroads we encounter as people be it in our marriage, family, friendship, work or love. Everyone has gone down this road and can relate to the humps that we come through as we pass different phases in our lives and this song is about strength at those times.

It’s ok to cry but at some point we need to nyarara (keep quiet)