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Enzo Ishall signed by Malaysia based company, Teemak Promotions

Enzo Ishall signed by Malaysia promotional company, Teemak Promotions.

It being reported elsewhere that Enzo might be in trouble after he signed a new contract with his new management while he has with a pending contract with the flamboyant prophet Passion Java.

A video of Java has since started circulating as he was saying they are going to sue Enzo and his new management.

Chillspot Records which has been silent during the time the fight has been ongoing has opened up and said they couldn’t meet up with the offer which Enzo received from his new management.

“It’s true Enzo has left Chillspot because of what he was offered by his new management, they offered him more than we could give him,” said Levels.

Levels went on to say that Passion Java had a contract with Chillspot Records and he bought Enzo Ishall a car and has been paying his rent among other things, when he was under Chillspot Records.

“Java had a contract with Chillspot Records, their contract with Enzo was not written but rather it was verbal,” he said.