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Hopewell Chin’ono: Zimbabweans are extremely selfish – what have you contributed? – VIDEO

By Hopewell Chin’ono

It bothers me that a video of a citizen desperately needing medical help gets 15000 views, yet it is only shared 10 times!‬ ‪Is it the lack of compassion and pity for others that causes that shameful reality here on social media?

‪Why do we retweet and share nonsense about insults and verbal abuse yet we fail to step in and share serious live saving stuff?‬

Do you realise that it defines who we are as a nation and WHY the struggle against tyranny continues without a victory in sight?

I mean, you are not being asked to pay money, but just to share or retweet a message to help your compatriot who is between life and death, yet you still find no bone of compassion in you to do that?!!

At times I ask myself why we expect a better Zimbabwe when many amongst us have no idea what it means to be selfless!

Zimbabwe, a Nation defined by selfishness, greedy and lack of compassion!

Life is where you live it, life is where mind is at!