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Gideon Gono continues with workouts that saw him shed 35kgs in 9 months

Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono continues with his fitness regime that saw him shed an astonishing 35kgs in 9 months after investing in a home gym and hiring the services of well-known personal trainer Kenny Murungweni.

Seven months after we first profiled his amazing journey, Nehanda TV gets another look at what he is now doing in terms of workouts ahead of Christmas. Speaking to Nehanda TV, Gono said;

“The kids in video (twins) are called Ayanda and Zandile Malaba… daughters to one of my twin daughters. I have twin daughters, Pride and Praise. Praise gave birth to twin girls in March 2018.”

“Eat well and moderately, exercise consistently (not necessarily every day), adequate sleep( 6 hrs at least/day), drink sufficient water daily for your body size, work, rest and play, don’t drink, eat or do anything in excessive measures… always be conscious of your body needs and listen to it.

“Spend time with friends and family, avoid toxic people in you life, negative thoughts or people in your life are a drag to your health… rather spend more time with positive people… people who no matter what the situation is, will tell you the sunny-side of the situation and help you to move on.

“The spiritual side of our beings is also very important. At the end of the day the person you take to bed every day is called YOUR CONSCIENCE… make sure he/she is free of guilt,” Gono added.