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Robert Mugabe finally laid to rest – SABC

Former President Robert Mugabe was finally buried in Kutama. The burial service was a low key event with only those close to the former veteran leader and the members of the community attending the service. SABC correspondent, Ephert Musekiwa, filed this story.

Mugabe’s family earlier had agreed to a government request to bury him at the National Heroes Acre shrine in the capital, but only after a hilltop mausoleum was built to set him apart from the rest. Then the government on Thursday abruptly announced the family had changed its mind, leaving it with scaffolding around the partially completed memorial.

While some might blame his widow for the move, it was Mugabe himself who wanted the private ceremony instead of one presided over by the people who removed him from power, Grace’s sister Junior Shuvai Gumbochuma said in a speech on Saturday.