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Could this be the Song of the Year? SILVAA KING feat. Simboi – “Good Life”

Good Life” is an infectious feel good song about really appreciating the things you have today whilst praying for a better life tomorrow. It’s an anthem dedicated to everybody worldwide working hard for what they consider to be the Good Life. 

This is also reflected in its beautifully scenic video shot in Silvaa King’s birth-town of Mutare, Zimbabwe and starring a host of the town’s low income local street vendors hustling for a better future. The song has drawn a lot of attention mainly because of the inspiring lyrics and melodies.

A sweet flow delivered perfectly over the uplifting cinematic Afrobeats inspired soundscape. Meanwhile his cousin Simboi delivers a very catchy hook with vocals that reach to your inner soul. Production is courtesy of Zimbabwe beatsmith, T3y Obama.

Video directed by KBS Pictures.