Videos for Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans

Murungu obva ati Baba Tencen enda unotenga mukaka

Watch South Africa based Zimbabwean comedian Pepukayi Zvemhare aka Baba Tencen with his latest skit “Murungu obva ati Baba Tencen enda unotenga mukaka.”

Some of Baba Tencen’s skits have focused on highlighting the daily lives of exiled Zimbabweans especially in South Africa.

He rose to fame with his “Ungandidii” catch phrase which he used in the videos posted online.

In November 2019 he dispelled rumours which circulated on social media suggesting he was part of a syndicate behind the fleecing of Zimbabwean immigrants under the guise of assisting them to have their passports stamped at the border to extend their stay in South Africa.