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Petro Wodkins VS Robert Mugabe

Russian artist chased by soldiers in Zimbabwe after beef with Mugabe. 

Last week Russian artist Petro Wodkins barely made it alive out of Zimbabwe after a daring art stunt. Wodkins, who previously has been behind a series of art happenings covered by global media (read here) had been invited to to a workshop in Zimbabwe, but instead choose to put up a HUGE golden statue of himself (pic) singing a weird song mocking Mr Mugabe. The government reacted with brute force, pulling down the statue and chasing the artist with army vehicles.

Since Filming in Harare is forbidden everything had to be filmed with hidden cameras. Today Petro is releasing the song and this filmed material for the first time!

You can see the whole story at

“If art can make people dance, sing and laugh in the face of a dictator this is reason enough for me to keep doing art, this and the face of a furious dictator”

Petro Wodkins