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Did the General try to swap Mugabe speech? – VIDEO

Did the General try to swap Mugabe speech? – VIDEO

  • That’s being smart. It would have been foolish for them to let Mugabe read a resignation letter live on TV in a room full of generals. This would have effectively means that this is a coup. The constitution of Zimbabwe says that a sitting president or vice president of Zimbabwe has to tender their resignation with the speaker of parliament who will then make an announcement as soon as possible and most likely within 24hrs.

    • correct,,, according to the Constitution,,, maths dzinodiwa

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    • Now i understand


    • Imi moti general vangaite risk kune zvinhu zvisingaiti this is a mater of life nd death zororai vakuziva zva varikuita it wont hapen ova night

    • Yaaah taura hako Kudzie

    • Dai zvakadaro

    • Wandinyaradza ah ndanga ndakutyira vaChiwenga

    • Chokwadi

    • Yah only the speaker has to announce the resignation so we wait for today to hear because that’s the best way to go resignation coz if he doesn’t do that he will be impeached hense loosing his legacy

    • Thats true our constituion section 96 inodaro lets wait and see

    • Inga wani ndiye arikutoti ndibvisirei mapaper

    • I agree those guys are very smart they that want the world see like Mugabe is in power but in reality its definitely a coup.

    • Very true

    • And also that statement Mugabe delivered could have been meant to demystify the world perception that what the army had done was a coup and this could also helpq Zanu pf resolve all this without the need of any external mediation which will eventually leave even the opposition in the cold.

  • Finish

  • I hope so.but time will tell ,being a layman ofcourse.

  • Whts really takin place, it looks like some documents are being hidden.
    May someone explain kuti chiiko chikumbho nyatso im.

  • Thts not hiding anything . They r jus putting thm away


  • Tatambwa nyuwani
    mapepa ekusiya basa ahwandiswa nageneral

  • Mufaro wanezuro nyaah wena

  • Hmm this is getting complicated

  • mt darwin

    That’s his own papers ,nothing to do with the speech

  • Ava kuwwachiswa manje. Ndozvandinodira

  • Hanzi sorry wani

  • Let’s follow our Constitution C.D.Es,so don’t mess up

  • The Video of Zimbabwe an Generals swapping and hiding the original speech.This is hypocracy

    • Rg ws scpn sm papers so the General ws there to correct him

    • No I dont believe these people are playing hide and seek with Ordinary Zimbabwean’s lives

  • Ehe saw tht too

  • Be patient mazimbo dont loose hope its according to the constitution.

  • ooh I guess he did boycotted the speach the Generals prepared instead he went through his own speech

  • Whats happening here ndionereiwo

  • NR we were watching it live but were did you get yours coz there was nothing like this ot tv

  • Mugabe was failing to follow the order of the papers so the General was helping

  • Majournalist ese aripo!!!zvichemo zvenyu ndazvinzwa vana vezimbabwe,mvura zvayadai kunaya tochirima!!

  • Its like he missed some pages..

  • General inhubu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • He did try to swap kkk

  • Anyone wth info if army is recruiting im interested let em knw

  • AGANG in Parliament says the people of Zimbabwe have to hold the entire ZANUPF accountable and not only President Robert Mugabe. AGANG Parliamentary Leader Andries Tlouamma says those who are now calling for Mugabe’s removal in ZANUPF, formed part of those who de-generated Zimbabwe. Tlouamma was reacting to the latest developments that Mugabe is facing impeachment after his refusal to step down as instructed by his party which recalled him.

    β€œTo me I would have liked if the citizens of Zimbabwe can take over this revolution and hold ZANUPF and both Robert Mugabe accountable. Robert Mugabe could not have survived for 37 years if it was not for the likes of Mr Obert Mpofu, Mr Chinamasa, the General who once claimed that he would never salute Morgan Tsvangarai, so Mugabe is still there because of these people.” ~~SABC news.

    • Philip Machanick

      He should speak for himself. He ousted his founding leader based on slanderous allegations he had to withdraw and lost over 95% of the party’s support by the date of the 2016 municipal elections.

  • they swap check correctly.

  • they swap check correctly.

  • Wats really happened there we are now confused.

  • its a lie man open yo eyes pipo dir guys are playing with us,they have got thier own agendas not to free us please if Mugabe is under house arrest wat stupid speech was that on Sundaz,and if chiwenga changed the speech wat stupid speech was that

  • yah he was seen doing that can u see but why is he fooling us

  • Why would he sworp when they are the ones who wrote it and gave him to read.
    What are they still doing at the blue house when there is the presidential guard.

  • Papi

  • Chiwenga took some papers from the table and put them under chairs and am sure that is where exactly the resignation speech was….so Chiwenga and Mugabe are on the same page…they are playing wf pple😒😒😒😒

  • Kkkk vajaira game yekubirana even mdhara vaitoziva kuti vangangobirwa mapepa vakadzidzisana kibirana its their game

  • Ini ndakazviona kut paita Vharazipi navamayaya kuseri kwemba isu povho ndisu petunia pasiiwa takamira tichiti vamayaya vasunge munhu tichiienda dzokei vamayaya vapiwa mari kuseri kwemba nyaya yatochinja hapana zviripo apa munhu wese wemuzanu izanu vakomana hatisapeperane General vatotambidzwa tuharubwa twake kana naiyewo Mnangagwa achatambidzwawo fut hapana hapana musanyeperwe hapana kudakurasisa vanhu chokwadi ndechekut nyaya yakatopera vamugabe president isu ndisu tichirikufunga zvimwe vakadya vakatodya suffer contineu born to suffer not born free

  • Look closely thw general was restless

  • Military convoy heading south of Zambia

  • but honestly wat were those papers for and why were they being hidden