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Chiwenga finally speaks…. says Zanu PF infiltrated and drastic action needed – VIDEO

The commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Constantine Chiwenga has finally spoken out and says Zanu PF has been infiltrated and drastic action is needed. He says people who fought the liberation struggle are being purged from Zanu PF.

  • Forward Chiwenga

  • Organise a coup then. What are you waiting for?

  • Munotevera mumwe kuChaina cde gandanga G40 haiteere izvozvo

  • thats very heavy. will see but eish thats direct

  • This tym we are not in need of words but action…… Where are the real soldiers….

  • Paipa apo.Bob mheche yake ichamuparira akazofa ari musango

  • Who are the people who faught for the liberation_ Is Ngwena the first such person to be ejected from the gravy train_ Shut up old man and sit down

  • Grace should and must fall before it is too late

    • People asked to get rid of the top politicians now she is removing them & you crying again lol


    • Maoko kuna amai

    • Don’t worry about Amai. She is cleaning house. You are not seeing the bigger picture. Who else was going to push mujuru out? She was the one people accused or suspected of hideous diamond deals. Let her clean house.

    • She is a disgrace to our beautiful country. She is a first lady and it’s enough. She must stay away from politics. She is soiling Cde RG name in politics. She is wicked the country is near bleeding zone because of her.

    • But I think She was surposed to take action on the 15billion to be recovered unless if this is the process to recover it.

    • Yes Luwie she must locate the missing 15 billion first. The money is enough to help Zimbos

  • That is not Chiwengwa speaking!

    • Wasvuta here wangu

    • saka ndiyani

    • You did not understand my comment there!!! Kumhanyira kuti “wasvuta here” zvotoreva kuti iwewe wakatodhakwa hakoooo!! Kuchikoro toshandisa ndimi dzakafanana ne”nzvengure” kana “chibhende” hameno kuti.makambenge mazvinzwawo here!!??


  • M

  • Now we wait for G40 punchback

  • Ribharesheni

  • U are next papa behold!

  • Kkkk why do they involve themselves in politics?

  • Mugabes gone


  • Action please. What are you waiting for

    • Ndizvo zvatakamirira

    • Mind Politicians, they go for plan B, and you remain exposed.
      Interfering with democratically elected government of the day, Politicians don’t care how they used you yesterday but how they remain in power.

  • Soon he will also go to self imposed exile

  • Mr Cde Commander you not a politician but a civil servant its either you resign n join politics or shut your big mouth n wait fr your salary whenever it comes!!!

    • Sure

    • Chuitaika imi maPoritishen, kunopera chete kuguta nezvekuba.

    • Wen the stability of the state is at stake then he comes in.

    • Darlington soldiers have no business in state craft. If he wants to get political he must take that uniform off and go on the campaign trail.

    • He has no role to play in party politics whatsoever.

    • Infact why didn’t he call his colleagues when JTM was fired just shut up old man otherwise they will disgrace you too!!!

    • Unonyepera vanhu kana mhirizhonga iripo masoja ndopowopinda,he said their legacy is threatened and the revolutionary is being hijacked so that’s where the army goes in watch the video and listen carefully be commenting

    • @Marcus did you read the full report from the cde ? He did not attack the president at all but individuals who are not war veterans and besides army is the last resort after ZRP has failed… though u sound like a beneficiary of this confusion #there is no war in Zim but confusion in zanupf

    • Kana uchida kuona kuti Army iZANU taura pamberi pe masoja kuti zunu yaora zvenyu zvamunotaura kuti Chiwenga asi weZANU inhema idzo .

    • He is zanu pf l know but as long as he wears our uniform he represents us not zanupf.he is a presidential appointee n he can be fired anytime the president is not comfortable wth him

    • Stanford Angel Nkomo he has coz he seats in the politburo for Zanu pf

    • Wizzy Zvoushe whats the point of soldiers in a country

    • Richard zvounotaura izvoka Army ndeye ZANU thus why Mugabe ari Commander in Chief . Its only that Chiwenga anozoita simba rakawanda than Mugabe because ari close nemasoja . Tarisa what happened pa 2008 re-run

    • Masoja ndoakaita mbiri yokurova vangu pa rerun …chiwenga yess muzanu but akapusa ropera very soon saka ngaatomira semurume

    • Lol u guys where you from Darlington Richard,Nason get your facts right Chiwenga is not in the Politburo he is a servant of RG period who is the President n commander of defence forces of which your chiwenga reports to….go read yr books well

    • Pane zvese zvataura naVaChiwenga INI ndanyanya kubata panzi for the past 5 years there hasn’t been no meaningful development! Vanhu vachiedzana masimba and all that, the economy is burning and ordinary Zimbabweans continue to bear the cost of living. In all fairness and soberness its high time people put this country first. Zimbabwe is for us all not just for some few privileged group!

    • Comdr of the ZA forces you’re only to be seen and not heard. Shut your smelling fucking mouth

  • We are waiting for action plz

  • Zvipiko maida kupanduka imi,Mujuru akadzingwa makadii kuhumana,Arrest that General before its too late kana adaro

    • Achisungirweiko nhaiwe Makombe. Zvaarikutotaura apo zvinemusoro

    • maybe he should first tell us what happened to Itayi, Cain Nkala, Rashiwe Guzha and the murders and rapes in 2008. Maybe l may have time to listen. If it is about power grab up there why should l worry?

    • He has just shown how undisciplined our ZNDF solders are, what is happening in Zanu has nothing to do with them, i other words he is saing munangagwa will organize the rebells to destabilize the country so Mr Mugabe try all means to locate this mnangwagwa wherever he is and arrest him before he destabilize this country

    • uridofo

  • so u know that in the past 5 years there hs been no development in the country

  • Do something about it General talk is cheap.

  • Yhings beginning to take shape

  • Iwee Chiwenga rako rekuhondo waizi ani.
    Taneta nevana
    Ishe madzoro mbambo

  • Now we are talking. We are desperate for a coup

  • Coup is the only option sheff lets do it

  • Not sure what this means. Time for army to take over pehsrps

  • I think the army has rebuked this progresless party i hope many zimbabweans will open thier eyes cause tichagara munyika ino tongwa ne mbutu very soon

  • Zexi akaimba before 1980 elections akati, “baba isu hatitaure, isu hatitaure, fungira mumoyo gwendo gwembwa….” aiva azviona hake. Dai Mwari vapindira havo.

  • Chiwenga go and lock Mugabe s presidential office for gud

  • Yes Sir, take action please..

  • It seems the army is the military wing of Zanu PF. What i really don’t understand is; what has the army got to do with the goings on in a political party??? Why doesn’t he have a press conference when MDC is in crisis? ? ? Cry my beloved Zimbabwe cry 😥😤. Zimbabwe has been in a crisis since 1998 and yet he is worried about infiltration in Zanu PF now??? He is jus a toothless bucking dog.

    • This not literature my friend its politics. When a VP is purged just like that it has nothing to do with party but everything to do with the government and he Chiwenga is mandated to see that the country is safe from both domestic and foreign threats. If yu can’t see this yu are just a foiled paper or sun glasses with no eyes open up. Yu kind are dragging our country to hell and yu should go first usless. Kufunga hakutengeswi wani don’t just comment dude if yu don’t know go spoertsline and comment there zvebhora hazvidi brain.

    • I think SB is ryt. ED was VP to RG. He wasn’t voted to that position of the gvt. Maybe for party VP he was am not aware, so surely its party business & the army must stay away. Army mandate, safety of the citizens from outside threats. Threats from within, the police is mandated for that. Period

    • Army should stay away from politics.If the general wants politics.He should just resign and join it.

    • Chiwenga is just civil servant appointed by his Excellency VaMugabe appointed the ED him can also be chased tommorow by the same person who appointed him and it’s according to the constitution of our land

    • It has been in crisis since the killing of Matebeleland people in 1983.Or is it you were not affected? Zimbabwe is not going anywhere because people like you think Ndebele people deserved to be killed.

    • Army leave politics alone… kana kwazoita hondo tozovadedza

    • The truth is hakuna Army inozombosapote opposition and akuna President anozomboisa General we Army ari we Opposition party so those guys vanozivana zvekuti and Chiwenga knows the truth of what is happening

    • Infiltration in the party he meant the next president who wasnt a warrior his wife Grace that’s an infiltrator

    • siya zveakadero zvigadzirisane iwe hauna chaunoziva vanozivana izvo zvatove zvako zvekumama izvo pamberi namnangagwa

    • On point. From the speech the army is a military wing from Zanu .

    • On point. From the speech the army is a military wing from Zanu .

    • Mauta. I think you need to be taught a political lesson. Answer the question why he this Chivengwa guy doesn’t call a press conference when the MDC, Zimbabwe’s largest opposition party is in turmoil he doesn’t say a thing??? He basically a puppet of mugabe and he is jus toothless. If he had Zimbabwe at heart he should have done that years ago when Tsvangirai won the elections fair and sqaure.

    • G40 is a threat to well being of Zim

    • Inga ataura wani kuti since iriyo yaitonga since independent they must put their house in order,if Chinja was is power then musina order mubato the military will exercise the constitutional ryt to protect the country coz its the talk of the Rokesheni everywhere and it can bring instability munyika so i said BIG UP MASOJA, zvenyu zvekuti wat whaaat hameno makazvinzwa nani

    • You beg to think of the use of elections. Election in Zimbabwe are just a dummy.
      1)You are just honouring a fixture knowing very well you will lose the game.
      2)Elections in Zimbabwe are pre-determined.
      3) Elections in Zimbabwe are just to fool would be borrowers like the IMF and World Bank.
      5) Elections in Zimbabwe are FAKE

    • Chiwenga n othr top security chiefs lk chihuri zimhondi shiri n de lyks cant b separated wt zanu cos they got thse positions thru zanupf tickets! So automatically dey kip an eye on zanus perfomances cos ndopane upenyu hwavo. Dats y dey don wnt change n zim vazhinji vakaparamura othrws dey might rot n prisons.

    • Someone help me please. I need a lesson yu are ryt but I know disgrace very much. She is confused and obsessed and letting her to rule us is ruining our country. Amongst the evils one might be better than the other and i would go for ed. One other reason ED was purged is his relationship with Britain that is one thing lacking in our country. Disgrace will always say pasi ne west like husband like wife both are greedy and the result is shit. May God heal Tsvangirai before our country is diminished. Ready for #lessons guys. If Chiwenga doent get in to steer more confusion zanu will be a virgin again and we will never try it next year watch it. Chiwenga should coup it and put zanu in grave for good. He is our last hope i can suggest.

    • Pple yu are fooled by Bobo that is what I have observed. He Bhobho is the biggest enemy and must be removed by any means military, Tsvangirai, Mnangagwa etc giving the country to grace will show that this country is full of copses zvitunha fulstop.

  • Jazabel watomakwa,STOP IT

  • Whose Army is it anyway? The people’s or the party’s?

  • Go chiwenga go takatomirira kudedzwa kuhondo todawo kuita mahero

  • imi mageneral ndimi mabootilickers makarambira mavotes 2008 dai Gire akakutandai mese

  • T.B joshua wekumaraini kwedu akazvitaura izvi… Tinashe Bonzo joshua.

    • Zvenyika hazvidi maporofita kana n’ganga kana masvikiro zvinoda only God kutaurirana kana pfuti

  • Another hero, another grave

  • Doc wakataura kuti ese magwara aya

  • Coup then

  • Anything to stop Mugabe dynasty is welcome.zvimwe zvese later. Torai nyika cde

  • When the stability of the state is at stake he should intervene

  • Mwari hona vana vako

  • Bogah Dylan Thapa, Emmanuel Maswabi

  • Its now u see is it because of the 2 planets of last nyte venus and platu muri mutsva here mujeruslem grace disowned war vets whn mai mujuru was fire : any way welcome back to earth democracy orientention with save is tatally free lessons are in progress at harvest hse coup taramba pliz toda free and fair elections sorry henyu mabiya aka rova pasi muri china : u are next to be chopped as u a weakened to the lowest ebb

  • ONLY JAH KNOWZ PIPO ,,,siyay vambo nyakaza maizia ehhh

  • pakaipa

  • Wise words from a true Cadre, I salute you commander,you said it straightforward kwete kutya kwatoona muZanu ,i think Grace ane headache nhasi achifunga mashoko enyu

  • this chiwenga is a munangagwa ally

  • Ko why comment on party politics yet you are a national service chief …..👎

    • It has become necessary to do so.

    • Necessary to who? Does this serve the national interest or for individual politicians to gain mileage

    • Nothing of national interest at all, how does that nonsense benefit zimbabwe nxaaa

    • Why didn’t he come n tell the nation that the Gvt had failed the pple ” nyika isina currency” no cash Kuma bank

    • The party politics are within the nation sir.

    • Well spoken and

    • They can change ministers , reshuffle, fire, appoint, disappoint but Zim situation remains the same so that has little or no effect at all to us Zimbos at large

    • It’s interesting you may not be aware of other details that created the necessity to get to these utterances. I agree with this development even though many may not agree.

    • This is about security issues cuz

    • Even Mugabe is meant to be a public servant

    • Bhule Murugani u live in Australia we have seen the knifing of one prime minister after the other, tell day when the military has commented on politics.

    • You are comparing Apples and pairs Lonkosi Mzilakawulandelwa.

    • Only time will tell Lonkosi we wait for events to unfold

  • I General Chiwenga

  • I will happily join Mugabe in getting rid of this guy,this is more trouble than we already have.Chiwenga has no respect for constitution and our freedom to choose our leaders .Clearly he is the one who denied Tsvangirai his victories all along.The grand coalition should be one to canvass for his removal before any election is conducted

    • You can join Robert and his wife but be sure that Zimbabwe will never be in hands of Robert again

    • I don’t like Robert but if we let this fresh monster take over with his military rule mentality will be a north Korea for sure.His statements are not only directed to Mugabe but to the nation as a whole,what he is saying is they will never accept civilian rule.If that opinion transcends within all military ranks to the lowest cadre then we will be in a permanent fix that will require a revolution and not elections to get rid off.Millitary should be apolitical and safeguard every political party being ready to defend any party constitutionaly elected to power through a democratic process.

    • I don’t like Robert but if we let this fresh monster take over with his military rule mentality will be a north Korea for sure.His statements are not only directed to Mugabe but to the nation as a whole,what he is saying is they will never accept civilian rule.If that opinion transcends within all military ranks to the lowest cadre then we will be in a permanent fix that will require a revolution and not elections to get rid off.Millitary should be apolitical and safeguard every political party being ready to defend any party constitutionaly elected to power through a democratic process.

    • Ndivo vanhu vakaisa mukadzi waMugabe ikozvino vochema. Tsvangirai ndiye Legitimate President weZimbabwe,

    • Ndovakaramba kuti Tsvangirai atonge nezvima statement zvavo zvana neo colonialism.Anotaura senge Une ma title deeds e nyika.Dai akadzingwa tisare topedzerana nenyurusi yedu yatakazvidhambisira.

  • unemeso here?

  • aah chiwenga lm listening to u nw on sabc uchiti disprin instead of disciplin.wadii kubvisa uniform woita zvepolitics.anyway we are waiting fr Dr amai to respond.hokoyo nema fireworks.

  • You will go down the drain path and die like moven mahachi my beloved comander

  • Big up Chiwengwa….get rid of the regime now💪👀👂💃💙💜💋💋

  • Thanks bro

  • Remove the floral green uniform first. Then we can take you seriously

  • Sent by mistake

  • nonsense.

  • The army should commit itself to protect voters and help deliver a free and fair election, I hope he maintains this seemingly non partisan appeal. Pasi nemhandu👐

  • aakuda kudzingwa

  • Saka pachinenyaya Madam stop it

  • chiwenga in panick mode he might be the next one to be sacked from zanu pf and be removed from government pay roll ,he is now seeking favour from war veterans #unopamama apa

  • Let them fight, Mugabe created that partisan army

  • Every Zimbabwean fought for the liberation of the country,,,,we fed ,,,bathed,,, sheltered them,,,so army commander what do you mean. That stupid mind of hours is taking the country nowhere slowly,,,,

  • Bomb the blue roof chiwenga zvizhinji hatiney nazvo isu ..

  • Since when did Chiwenga become a General political commentator?he must do some shut ups and let President Mugabe rule as he pleases.

  • If ever their people to blame its u and your team comrade makarera problem makapemberera nganga neyazobata mai muchiti varikurapwa but the good part of the story is we were talking since musaregedza gamba redu richinakirwa too much nechigaro icho because mangwana rinopedzisira ravachigamba imi mukati ataura ngaauraiwe ko madarireiko chigamba haisi hembe here tikati kwete chigamba ihembe asi ndicho chinozosarira chavapo kusakara kwacho kunonetsa material inenge yasiyana imi mukati kwete manje tarisai muone nhasi gamba redu chava chigamba kusakara charamba jira original rakapera kare modii manje. Kusanzwa ndozvakunoita dont make too much noise about this because we have warn u several times so please STOP IT

  • Finally spoken

  • Ichoooo…


  • I always have a problem that these so called liberation heroes always want to hold at ransom. The freedom they narrate was not only fought for by a few people but it was a collective effort. Think about those who were rapped by the freedom fighters and have remained mum, those mothers who cooked for the freedom fighters, those parents who lost their children etc. I might not have been around then but I should be allowed to enjoy freedom and even have political ambitions just like anyone else. Zimbabwe should not belong to a certain cabal as it is right now. I also have a big problem with so called doctors throwing vitriol left right and center at any given opportunity and still aspire to lead us one day. No man, this is pure madness!

  • Roger Roome

  • Act faster you’re next victim Commander mother varikuuya zvine power.

  • Zvinotodini boys?

  • There is a big problem if soldiers want to direct party politics.

  • Ehe army do a coup hatingaregi nyika ichienda na Grace, Jonathan Moyo na Zhuwawo, G10 should be crashed, toda ma war vets akarwa Hondo atonge kwete mbwende vana Chipanga vaakudzinga Cde Mnangagwa vakaunza rusununguko my Zimbabwe

  • Zvakunakidza moto takubatidza

  • Bt l think those who faught the war have to retire they are old now,,,

  • Warning shots have been fired!🤔

  • Pls game re zanupf ririku fire. Ngavawedzere ma players pls.kkkk

  • It’s refreshing to see our Generals doing their job. The stability of Zimbabwe is at stake.

  • Tich Ndhlovu

  • the problem ndeyekupihwa speech yanyorwa naCharamba and you forget kuti the very same person who fired Mnangagwa will this week retire you.

  • Takudzwa Lenin Chimwaza

  • Nothing is forever I said it last two weeks on the speach of Chiwenga when the wind of change is blowing nobody can divert the wind Chiwenga said Mugabe is gonna be the life president of Zimbos today the liberation warriors are fallen apart its just a matter of time

  • Adam Obediah Siyaduba

  • Manje manje Chiwenga gone.

  • Resign and join politic Mr

  • Drastic action s needed? B very carefl nemashoko enyu aya…act now be4 G40 act on ur words cde! Otherwse ua going to b among de statistics

  • Fight to the G40 ….Madam must react to this statement sibone…

    • No response as of yet

    • She only reply on a Rally in front of the people thus her comfortable platform. ..interface rally pliz to fight this Zanu pf Army commander

    • Rallies have been turned into settling scores battlefield, zero policies on economic recovery

  • Dr stop it has to get another plan of paving her way up …more Rallies pliz to fight the Army sibone…
    Reality show is so interesting

    • G40 will dismantle over rated military. One brick at a time.

  • Akuda kudzingwawo

  • Kudzingwa kwa Vice Prez hakuna nechekuita newe iwe Chiwenga

  • next on the line

  • Kkkkkkk fighting and defending a sinking ship sorry kwasorry.

  • Thats a Zanu pf mouth piece. Crisis yeZanu pf will never threaten stability munyika. Makutya kudzingwa chete apo so its obviouse kuzama kutyisidzira chete uko. Cyclone Marujata is comin General ndimi last threat yeG40

  • Thats a Zanu pf mouth piece. Crisis yeZanu pf will never threaten stability munyika. Makutya kudzingwa chete apo so its obviouse kuzama kutyisidzira chete uko. Cyclone Marujata is comin General ndimi last threat yeG40

  • Good drama its only they’re playing with other human beings’ life

  • Ndakakanganisa here kuisa vaChiwenga pachigaro?????Kana ndakakanganisa ndiudzei mangwana chaiye chaiye ndomudonhedza😂😂😂😂😂😂Pachigushazi modonha mdara sit down

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Dr Amai vanhu vaya vatanga we need another super Sunday for the general

  • After keeping quite for a while b4 giving a speech…I think Chiwenga now knows where he stands…..he need to play his cards right. Zimbabwe needs economic and leadership transformation as soon as possible.

  • Isiah 43 vs 19

  • Uuuuuuuuuuu

  • Stand up guys. You are our hope

  • Kutozobatawo constitution shame maningi. Does the constitution say the army is to talk abt party politics. What jurisdiction do you have over party shenanigans. Manje eish isu zii muchadzingiwa zvakaitwa vamwe. Isu tanyarara.

  • Mutambo uya watsvuka ropa. Pedzerenayi tivone.

  • If they Did it to several brigadiers and a full former commander,can they spring up an accident on Chiwenga?waiting to see..

  • The speech was rather directed to Amai

  • Yes yes yes!

  • The army is just restoring order. Like he said Zanu pf is the rulling party and any shenanigans tht happens in zanu pf directly affects the ordinary zimbabwe and nthg meaningful has hppnd in this country

  • Panotungana dzemudanga.kutora divi ndaramba

  • this is great kick them out general

  • Season 1 Episode 2

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  • Bhuuuu bhuuuu……Pfuuchuuuuu…pwaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dhiiii negotsi..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest

  • Dr Amai for president managed to dismantle Zanu-pf with no gun or violence finally they have eyes can’t wait for 2018 change has come to Zimbabwe

  • ,aaah ma1 akutanga .nyatsotererai statement iyo vanhu we

  • He talking nothing but nonsense! As long as our armed forces and our judiciary remain political then our once lovely country will continue to sink! These guys are useless! The biggest problem with most our Zimbabwean leaders is that they lack integrity and conscience! Life should always be about aiming at doing the right thing at all times! The truth of the matter is that without their so called war credentials these guys have nothing to offer at all. It’s so disgusting that after 37 years of plundering the economy, these chaps are still singing about the liberation war! People now want bread and butter issues! Personally, I would feel ashamed going home everyday to face my wife and kids knowing that I am part and parcel of the destruction of such a lovely country!!!

  • One Centre of power Cde, always remember what we agreed kuhondo Politics shall and shall lead the gun. Checkmate Cde

  • We don’t care wat u say people bt this is the end of Mugabe era chisingaperi choshura let’s go garwe

  • Fuck Grace Mugabe

  • Let der be action

  • sleepless nights awaits Grace

  • Who is she she cnt be the messiah of Zimbabwe fuck her garwe wil rise again

  • Stupid chiqengwa

  • Pane zvese zvataura naVaChiwenga INI ndanyanya kubata panzi for the past 5 years there hasn’t been no meaningful development! Vanhu vachiedzana masimba and all that, the economy is burning and ordinary Zimbabweans continue to bear the cost of living. In all fairness and soberness its high time people put this country first. Zimbabwe is for us all not just for some few privileged group!

  • Zim child

    Point made loud and clear sir. But i think your job is now on the line. Are you going to chicken out like ngwena or stand like a man. Eyes are on yu

  • I always have a question in my mind ,who rules zimbabwe ? The law,the president or the armed forces but from my own point of view there is a great manipulatio of forces here and at last its like someone is coming up to realise this ,cause if you look at how grace mugabe speaks even to other ministers,for a mother figure i dont think that is acceptable even my wife speaks like that to another man i will rebuke but charity begins at home i think even mudahra havana chance .the way our counry is run show that liberation strugle was one man’s idea and that man used all these saw called liberation fighter to win rulership and captivated their minds even (brainwashed) and today are as good as nothing even can say a word ,but education never was in the battle field

  • Shandisa simba Chiwenga Zanu yaparadzwa nemukadzi uyo

  • BSR: The general’s statement – possible meaning and implications
    November 13, 2017
    Alex T. Magaisa

    General Constantino Chiwenga, Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, today delivered a tersely worded press statement on the political situation in Zimbabwe. It marks another landmark and ominous moment in the on-going race to succeed the long-serving leader, President Robert Mugabe. It is useful to take a critical look at the general’s statement to assess its meaning and implications for Zimbabwe. It may also be of interest to the region and the international community.

    Challenge to Mugabe

    First, it marks a clear and direct intervention by the military in the turbulent succession race. Mugabe, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces has previously warned the military to stay away from ZANU PF’s succession race. Chiwenga’s statement is therefore a clear sign of defiance. It raises the question whether Mugabe has lost the military. His response will therefore be important to watch because it will say a lot about his authority. His authority over the military has never been tested in this way. If he does nothing, it might be regarded as a sign of weakness. If he puts his foot down, it could result in open confrontation. It will come down to who between the two men has the soldiers. But knowing Mugabe’s approach it is unlikely that the wily old man would have taken the drastic step he took in firing Mnangagwa without anticipating a response such as Chiwenga’s today. Therefore, Chiwenga might find that he has fallen neatly into Mugabe’s trap.

    Factional defence

    Second, the statement is a reaffirmation of the alliance between ousted Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga which has long been an open secret. Two years ago, Mnangagwa introduced Chiwenga at a political rally as ZANU PF’s “real political commissar”. It was an insult to the current commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, who is part of the G40 faction. The fact that the stateme

  • Mr. Chiwenga you are not an independent commander. Because of your alliance with the ZANU-PF, Robert and Grace Mugabe have no respect for the rule of law. These two individuals think they are a monarchy and Zimbabweans are their subjects. if you continue to allow Robert Mugabe to use the Zimbabwean Military as a private death to silence his opponents there will certainly be a reserved place for you in hell. Where in the world have you seen the wife of a President fire a sitting vice president? In 2014, Grace floated lies about then Vice President Mujuru. Few days later she was fired. More recently she referred to Emmerson Mnangagwa as a snake and promised to crush his head in less than a week he was fired. All these decisions are made by the South African born Grace Mugabe Mr. Mugabe former Mistress and now his so-called wife. Mr. Chiwenga you could be next.