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Zimbabweans arrested for truck hijacking in South Africa – VIDEO

  • Nhodza

    stale news. Next!

  • Mxm mbwa idzi

  • Silent killer vane nyanga dzeBusiness hoo nhai😺

  • That’s from March 2015!

  • Old news

  • Stale news

  • Tough

  • NGAVAGARE MUJERI NDIWO MUSHA WAVO they are giving our country bad name.

  • ndezvekaree izvo atova nemunda wemaTruck achingodya mari yake

  • Guys this story happened a year ago

  • Why is it that everything bad is done by Zimbabweans?

  • Mayor vati ngavarove pasi mazimba ari mujoburg

  • #NehandaRadio musapererwe kudero nyaya iyi yakaitika more than a year ago dei murivanhu kwavo murikutipa follow up yekuti what happened after the arrest vakatongwa here and so forth u can do better

  • Ana homeboy wo futi ahhhh.Motimakisa mhani

  • Thatsjust a tip of an iceberg. Most crime in s.a is done by south Africans themselves. This type of reporting is biased

  • Hayibo!yinto yakudala Lena lomuntu was cleared I even went tI collect some of the trucks in Benoni Impound yard known as thirteen, niswele into yokukhuluma namsukela nje lomuntu,those international trucks belonged to John Ten Ten and always parks in that yard

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  • It happened in 2015, editor get your facts right

  • Editor dai urimumwe watsvaga kuti zvaakasungwa achinzi his trucks confiscated and his fuel workshop closed sei matrucks ake ariparoad

  • Thus police work