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Mugabe complains – “I eat poorly cooked food”

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe complains that he eats poorly cooked food and that chef after chef has been recruited to his staff and he has almost become a guinea pig for the cooking trials.

  • Basa ragrace nderei

  • Grace should cook,

  • Your test budds you loosing taste u too old

  • Aaah..ko Vazukuru varikuitei vachitadza kubatsira Sekuru to get Good food

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  • I thnk the food is okey but eish makore awanda ne taste inoperawo

  • Then just tell Grace to cook for you, after all that’s her duty to cook for you Mr. President!!

  • Ndozvinoita munhu akakurisa kunetsa haiwa kunge ngozi

  • You are lucky you got food on your table there are many in Zim that don’t. Stop been a spoilt brat.

  • he needs poridge

  • Zobha

    Hear the boot licking zanu supporters in the back ground laughing like hyenas. What Mugabe is saying is not even that funny at all, they are cracking up as if he has told the greatest joke of all time. Smh…