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Taffy Theman drops “Hello Army! Pane Vanhu Vakundi Mara Mhani,” hilarious skit

Comedian Taffy Theman has come out guns blazing against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s reliance on the army to enforce his authoritarian rule and shrink democratic space in the country.

Taffy Theman in his new musical skit tilted “Hello Army! Pane Vanhu Vakundi Mara Mhani!” exposes how Mnangagwa uses the security forces to thwart and silence all opposing political voices that are critical of his corruption and alleged mismanagement of the economy

“Hello Army! Pane Vanhu Vakundi Mara Mhani!’’ satirically depicts how Zimbabwe is now a military state run by a kakistocracy regime that is only concerned about their own selfish interests at the expense of the masses.