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WATCH the painful moment Jacob Zuma hears Cyril Ramaphosa is the new president of the ANC

WATCH the painful moment Jacob Zuma hears Cyril Ramaphosa is the new president of the ruling ANC in South Africa

  • No nid for Zuma to worry bcox his term expired after working +40 in the ANC as freedom fighter (chief intelligence) n 26years in the NEC n in 2019 he is retiring 4eva n will still earning what he is currently getting from the government. His Deputy took over as ANC President like what President Mugabe faced.

    • Mugabe is facing wat? He is getting his allowances as former President boss

    • Bravo Mahembe I m saying Zuma will be getting allowances as former State President

    • Zuma did not want Cyril for the President ,he campaigned for his wife KDZ

    • Tapson that was his choice like anybody.She waz defeated by just mere 171 votes n about 400 voters from her branches were not allowed to vote by Courts.But our life will still remain the same,so don’t expect any miracles

  • Did he get couped like his mate?

  • Did he get couped like his mate?

  • P

  • Go back where you grown up

  • He is worried about going to jail. At least his ex wife would have continued to shield and protect him.

  • Very good

  • He looked mortified, the flow of sand in his veins rupturing his confidence into the most minute precedence of defeat pulverizing his will to remain alive

  • Give others a chance to steal as well

  • Find Mugabe and link up and expand your nkandla and make it a country and rule there forever having Mugabe as your vice-president

  • Eishiiiii sory hako Zuma ..they must have taken their muti from one n’anga naRG kkkk kubvondokerwa nezviro pamwechete kkkkk wakaExpire muti ..eishiii

  • Good medicine

  • what goes around comes around remember what you did to Mbeki kwaaaa

  • Good

  • Smart

  • Asante Sana

  • He is in shit again

  • makanzwengera kurikubva chibhakera comredhi makatamba bhora mujecha chero ukarikaba hariende kure

  • Oteera mgabe wake

  • He made a mistake by supporting RG in making Zimbabweans suffer,God is for the people,ask Pharaoh

  • He thought SA is his property.You rip what you sow.You are not clever old man.You arw now exposed.Its better for you to resign before it is too late.