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System Tazvida would smile if he watched this video

Eighteen years after he passed on, System Tazvida is still popular in his home province of Masvingo. Wherever his songs are played, even those that were born after his death will get onto the dance floor.

  • this song was a masterpiece, fanika kwedu kuChikuti kumakorokoza uku nekunaAngwa river haaaa, unongonzwa iwe

  • Gamba remimanzi wezhira irombe vaigona zvavo mutunhu unemango haaaa handingadzipedze

  • Dai ndine mari (bhawa)

  • How many musicians have been murdered by what’s between our legs girls be honest.

  • Wezhira vairova ngoma.

  • Kirawa

    I just dont like this dance

  • simphiwe2

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