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Zimbabweans you are Hypocrites – Rutendo Benson Matinyarare (VIDEO)

Expose the money dealers, you know who they are and stop harboring criminals because they are stealing directly from your pocket.

  • Lesson number 1 never vote on tribal lines,second choose leaders on quality not that he comes from you area,the moment we address that everything will get in to place

  • Idiot shut up. The government owns the dealers. There is CIO, + ZRP …you mean they only can find people who don’t support Zanu PF?

  • Hoo

  • The criminals that are being harboured are the thieves in government.When a cash starved government sents a 70 people powered delegation on $1 500 daily allowance on a ten day useless trip to the UN is it not an example of thieves stealing from the ordinary people?We are harboring thieves stealing from us and these thieves are our government leaders.

    • Didn’t you put them in power?

    • They still the elections

    • Its nt abt elections coz u do nt own the means ti win elections. Lets just give it to God tht one day thru his will change will prevail within o outside gvt.

  • How can you expose an already exposed thing. Zvinhu zvirikuitika pajekererere woda kuti zviitwe sei? You are the hypocrite unonyepera kunge usingazive zvirikuitika!

  • Unopengaiwe! Vanhu vanoraramaneiko nyika usina economy usina own currency? Kwanamhani iwe? Mbavhadzirimuhurumende haudzione ndiwe urkuda kudziita harbour and blame the citizens who are suffering. Tibvirepo iwe

  • All cash dealers are sponsored by senior gvt. Officials in front of the ministers. Last time chinamasas son was found with 7million us at the airport. What was done. Today the first family and relatives are buying flashy cars n properties abroad. What have the tbz governor doing about it zero,

  • Who is clean after all? Gvt personnel to ordinary citizens? Forgive and ask for forgiveness from the Jesus Christ. This finger pointing wont take us far

  • Grace Mugabe is the biggest criminal harbouring cash.So siyai vana vari kutsvaka kurarama

  • So people agree with him. Let the country get destroyed. So Zimbabwe you know where you are going. Gvt. Ministers. Bankers. Street people. You all agree. Destroy. Destroy. Wow

  • Imwe miromo inongovhurwa pasina

    Nxaaa Zuda

  • The Citizens are to blame. They are the ones who support and elect corrupt officials after all.

    • Even if u are elected u will be also corrupt .

    • Ummgh Chabikwa. Say it to yourself. Not everyone is corrupt.

  • Mhata iyi has no clue on how economics works, money changers are small fish in the grand scheme of things, a lot of things need to b fixed and once things are in order and the country is functional money changers disappear

  • Grace Mugabe nemhuri yake .

  • Zanu-pf apologist. The biggest money dealer is the Zim government printing a fake currency called Bond notes. Period.

    Arresting small irrelevant fish will not change nothing. The fake currency in the absence of positive balance of trade will remain and continue the rot.

  • U are the coward…if u are man enough…were are u…and what are u doing abt it…Just thinking 😽

    • Saka kugarira nhamo ndo bravery or kutya kupinda mumasango. (Just thinking )

    • Madlenya Luis Cee so does running away and bark later help in any way, offence…

    • He is just expressing himself. No need to take him seriously. Serious players get into the field.

  • Uri duzvi remunhu mupfana iwewe,kana usina zvekutaura nyarara.

  • And leave alone those who are looking for a living at roadport.

  • Pfutseke is that really the problem? Idiot

  • With these comments you can tell, some people are benefiting from the chaos. They want nothing to change.

    • We need this useless gvt to go thats the change we want

    • Lol it shows you have no idea how things work in Zimbabwe my guy. Its the government not people are benefiting anything.

    • In their eyes if it ain’t broke don’t try fix it

    • Leo Tafadzwa Mushonga my friends are not in gvt, not employed but hav cars, houses almost in every poshy surburn. Yu are missing out!!

  • I think the ones who are buying cars with our money are the thieves….

  • The thief my friend is robert mugabe ad u

  • Most money changers at 4th street work for govt and bank officials ah ma1

  • Bt those money dealers also contribute in inflation n shortg of money ,bt dere are wrkng for sme top officials u see de gam now.

  • Urimboko yemunhu zvozikanwa hapana

  • This guy is a plain ediot,taura mabig fish kwete zvaurikutiudza izvo,vaMadzimure ndivo vakatora 15 billion here

  • This guy is very shallow minded. I wish if he could read a little economic s . Maybe his shallow mind will open up. For instance his move would create shortages of goods

  • We need to act and our action is the ballot box, it all matters if u didn’t know-lets vote them all out!

  • Nonsense. Right now how are we going to raise ma fees e University ne College for our chikdren ma students ari in the neghbouring countries? Ma Bond notes are not recognised as a currency kunodiwa ms Rands nems USA can someone please tell me how we can achieve that without “breaking the law “…

    • What are you saying here? Your kids are schooling outside the country.? Like theirs, you mean? Wow. Mine are schooling here.

    • Local universities are full for any meaningful degree programs. U shud know this

  • Nxaaaa unobvunza zviro zvaunoziya ngei iwewe

  • Let people benefit murikuda vadye ndove here. Mari yacho irikutengeseka sei ndopanedambudziko . Sei isingatengeseke kunedzimwe nyika? Ngadzirisai chaita musoro uteme

  • This Benson guy talks as if he is not a Zimbabwean why? Why can’t he be the first to name those he know nxaa.

  • Vana Benson have been supporting ZanuPF for many years.
    Wouldn’t listen to a single word coming from that guy as it’s all got an agenda yeZanu.

    You want to arrest people making $5 a day but forget kuti most if not all of them vatumwa nemachef eZanuPF?

    • yet you are here commenting on something you didnt listen too! kinda ignorant dont YOU think

    • Benson and I have discussed issues before. He even uses fake Facebook accounts when he starts his racist comments so as to hide his real name.
      The only ignorant person here is you, assuming a lot about me.

    • not this issue you haven’t , so your assumption makes your comment silly. im assuming you work for fb and you know for a fact its him with the fake accounts or is just your paranoia.

  • Bring our jobs back then we can work together

  • Nonsense.

  • M**t*

  • Stupid, There is nothing called a money changer in a multi currency regime. Money exchange can only be illegal when Zim introduces it’s own currency.

  • Otherwise if anyone is found guilty, shops should be charged too because when we buy with usd they give us change in bonds.

  • True

  • may be he leaves in his own cacoon

  • Reasoning capacity is so low.Talk of resurcitation of all industries & job creation.kaZimbabwe hakana currency kanhi kanongo bhondha bhondha,kaflea market country kamushikashika .Jobless jobless and people make deals to make a living.$$$$$$$ zero zero

  • Yet a great deal of taxpayers money disappear every year unaccounted for.

  • Chinamasa, Chatunga, Russell, Robert jnr, Kasukuwere, Munangagwa, Jonathan Moyo, Overt Mpofu

  • Ugogadzirisa chikonzero chaita musoro utemee msana upandeee

  • The real criminal is Zanupf

  • Vatsvagire mabasa first stupid

  • Lost

  • The government takes money from your pocket wen they spend or take away value without backing it up with production. Not money changers, common sense will tell u that these are simply addressing demand and shortage.

  • Let’s hv investors,ndovhura maindistries edu,tobvisa zvimitemo zveindignisation,toisa malaws ano proctector mainvestors edu nyika yoitawo mitemo nekuremekedza kodzero dzevanhu nekurwisa corruption handiwoni maforeign currency dealers mustreets umo

    • Zvakanzi pataiti indeginisation we included vendors… Hawkers… And etc in the mix

  • He must put correctly and say shona people. Matabeleland people didn’t like your leader from word go and they were called names even now.

  • Shut up u fool these guys are also dying to live let them better talk of 15billion idiot

  • If anyone is to be arrested and charged then it has to start from above which are those sitting in the parliament till it gets down on us, it won’t work arresting the small fish 🐠, you can’t kill a tree 🎄 until you dug it from the root

  • I don’t like this guy. He has his own issues

  • Mhata ya Mai vako kana vakafa pamabhonzo ipapo

  • bona pombiyatyoka

    No rutendo Benson you’re wrong . Va Madzimure has done nothing wrong you need to apologize to him . Its your government which has screwed up the economy . Chinamasa and John bond Mangudya to be precise .

  • Kakara kununa hudya kamwe

  • Zimhino kunge rebhinya

  • They are not working from hiding

  • If u come to my house coming to loot my spatheleni money …..remember i have a rights to defend my self ..sakulwa…

  • Hehehe before we had Bereau de Charge.What happened to them?

  • Rbz

  • Not stealing direct from my pocket that is a big liar. Stop telling lies God is watching you.
    Fight the disease not the symptom please. We are not so dull please!

  • I bought some bond notes pa boader those ones we too brand new and i am sure even kubank haaana kupfuura neko its definatly the works of rbz officials…every1 there shud be fired…that is well ofcause if and only if people with authority to fire them are even clean themselves.vamwe vakutenga wani ma Rolls-Royce ne forex irikunetsa kudai and yet significant business especially ku fuel ma TT avo they are taking ages to go through….zim situation is too complex to decode zvotoda Jeso……

  • Exposing my money changer shaa is like closing my bank account and business.

  • U cn only ev parallel markt as an indication of the inefficiencies wthn the economic structures wrk up

  • These are the bootlickers Zanu likes, keep it up and you will earn your place on the gravy train with the likes of Jonono and Kasukuwere. Never mind pointing out the real criminal ie govt ministers, just blame it on the money changers who are a product of bad Zanu governance.

  • Just get rid of the Mugabes the aid will pour in

    • It gonna take a lot more bud,reading these comments show’s the stupid is strong in these people.

  • Never mind he is one of them l said so.

  • Why didn’t you expose those who took our 15 billion we are where we are right now because of these thieves some1 buys 100 bicycles fo $100 000 & you were busy harbouring those fugitives. The state of the country is so worrying that no one wants to even buy an ice cream for their child & you still harbour those fugitives & you busy trying to arrest people who are trying to make a living from an economic chaos caused by the same people you are covering for