For Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans

Meet Gabriel Matemba a Zim participant in the just held First Global Robotics – VIDEO

  • Well Done Gabriel

  • The stupidity of Zimbabweans is in following highly titled people like Professor Arthur Mutambara whose practical applications of his education are nowhere to be seen.

    This boy is talking and applying practical solutions from robotics to Zimbabwean problems.

    And where is that big headed one in empowering this boy? Too busy writing irrelevant books about himself!

    • stop hating

    • Arthur Mutambara is a very mentally sick guy together with his fellow big headed Professor Jonathan Moyo. The only sober minded professor is Welshman Ncube.

    • tee cee

      unepoint ipapo vana mutambara vanoziva about robotics ndovangadai varikubetsera this young man

  • Intelligent?May you tell me how do you rate intelligence? Zimbabweans rate intelligence in funny sickening ways.Doing robotics is that intelligence?

  • Weldone boy,you are the future we need.

  • tee cee

    very intelligent young man

  • Kkķkkkkkkkkkk zim has got talent handei pakuzotsvaga basa apo unofa uchikanda ma CV isu mabhiridha tichiluma everyday