Man accused of attempting to abduct pre-school children in Harare – VIDEO

  • Batai munhu .

  • Free this innocent man

    • This mother f****r is very far from being Innocent… where was he taking the kids and for what?… these are the kind of people who end up raping our kids and murdering them for rituals…. please deal with him severely and let all wanna be abductors learn a lesson through the punishment this mother fkr gets

    • Nonsense bullshit

  • I think he is innocent though. Vamwe vanhu seni hangu vanoda vana regardless

  • Ngavanyatsoongorora nyaya yacho maybe he is innocent nokubvunza vana vacho

    • Dzake itsitsi dzei kutengera vana wevamwe maZap kunge vake apedza kutengera..ndivo vanhu varikuba vana ivawo vachiendesa kuma rituals

  • He might be innocent ngapanyatso ongororwe

    • Aphiri anabwera

      ndozvandirikuonawo neniwo…confidence pakutaura apo

  • anorohwa akafa mahwani

  • They should torture him until he confess who send n paid him vana varikungoshaikwa mumaxools umu ndivo varikuba vachiendesa kumarituals ..aivatengera maZap vake vana akange apedza kuvatengera

  • This man has already been convicted on social media.

  • It is a crime to lure a child. I don’t think he is innocent. If he was not caught we were going to talk about something else.

  • he tried but he didn’t so whats the issue

  • Brutal Truth

    This guy is innocent.Probably cannot build solid social relationships with adults his age & connects with kids to make up for it.Innocent.Innocent.Innocent.He needs counselling instead