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WATCH: How this SHOPLIFTER was treated in Zimbabwe

  • Vultures!!

  • vachiri kunzwirwa tsitsi avo kune dzimwe nyika once vabatwa uri mbavha votoziva kuti ndorako rekufa iroro

  • Why would anyone find pleasure in humiliating another human being? I don’t condone theft but treating someone like this is really unfair

    • Sure its not good ndosaka kuine vemutemo dai vangodaidza police

    • hamusati mabirwa

    • Munhu achimbobireiko ,I think she humiliated herself ,she is lucky she is alive ,vamwe vakafira umbavha

    • It’s inhuman. We should be asking ourselves why are we having a growing statistics of women in crime

    • He who is without sin must cast the first stone. No person especially women would want to willingly do that. Sad

    • Haoana anobatirwa pfuti kuti abe vatori pabasa ipapa they chose that life vamwe tichifira kushandira 2cents pamwedzi

    • sad
      Ths shows how low we hv become as a nation
      So so inhumane

  • Where are the human rights people. This is very degrading. There are better ways to deal with this.

  • the guys deserve prison, its despicable

  • Kkkk nyadzi dzinokunda rufu ende vakachenq

  • Thats not very nice. They should be identified and nicked

  • We are seeing too much of these videos dzemadzimai emu zimbabwe vachiba even kune dzimwe nyika woman pliz let’s stop ✋🏾 this foolishness munonzwasei vana venyu vakauonai pa Facebook like this or on other social media musadaro askana we know things are difficult but try selling huni or tomatoes

    • Matson Mulinga

      You are 100% correct my dear,ladies do something they are the same people laugh at these women doing prostitution here in Zambia trying to feed their families no one laughs at them here we respect them coz we the situation there that lady should come here and do what others do instead of shoplifting we are peaceful here lets share the burden we one people brothers and sisters from another mother JAH BLESS

  • There is obviously some very sick people out there, #disgusting. Ashamed to be a Zimbabwean

  • Disgusting ko wat happen kusheedza police vanhu so ayas

  • It’s better than to be taken to court

  • Send people to the police this culture of mob justice is not Zimbabwean.

  • I think these people must be arrested for assault.

  • Zvinodzikisira hunhu rwemunhu izvi…maguards ndiwo anesystem iyi..

  • Pedro Gorosviba

    What have they gained? Satisfaction?

    Chavasingazive , most shops in Zim sell smuggled goods, basically stealing revenues for the state, and the state includes that person they are humiliating!

  • violation

  • The problem with mob justice is that it will drive people to extremes, everyone trying to outdo the last one. Nigeria had this problem where they started burning people alive for any form of theft and some of them were wrongly implicated. This shouldn’t have happened. If our own legal system isn’t great that’s another story but let’s not take the law into our own hands.

  • mt darwin

    This is not funny, they need to be arrested for this stupid act. This behaviour should not have a place in zimbabwe.

  • The statistics of women involvement in crime is testimony of a suffering nation. What choice faced with unemployment (not saying it’s ok), lack of flowing cash, hunger with no one to turn to can a human being do other than let the survivorship instincts kick in. In response to these crimes we see a nation that is becoming stiffened with brute and immoral behaviour of intolerance When a nation reaches this level of suffering It succumbs to the DOG EAT DOG opportunistic life. This is a result of sloganeering governance EMPTY promises of 2 000 000 jobs. Let’s be honest we as Zimbabweans we have failed BIG TIME. Cruelty to victims of government’s creation is cruelty to ourselves.

  • Good! Businesses are losing millions though shoplifting and when police are called in these women open their big thighs, feed the policemen and they are let off the hook. Nextday they come back for more shoplifting. So, it’s quanedrum for stores. I fully support this treatment.

  • They should be arested

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  • Damn asiri mbavha ngasimudze ruoko

  • I dont feel for her at all, vanhu ngavatsvage mabasa type yakadai ino boaster kuti haishandire peanuts nekuti yajaira quick buck, no remorse for thieves and maship avanoba ma employees eimomo get deductions for for stock short

  • the police should just handle the situation not the public, vanhu vanorowa vanhu havana kusiyana nevanhu vakarowa Jesus back then.

  • Vele omarobani bayinkinga ezitolo tshayani izibununyana lezo bomawobho…

  • What’s wrong with just calling the police 👀

  • But mai avo imbavha isiri kubira kushaya asi kuda kutonoshaina look at the clothes she is wearing good quality and expensive type, dai vaba chikafu taiti inzara not hembe haa maune ngavazorwe flour vaende kumba vakadaro vambonyara. Ngavasarohwe chete.

  • But that energy on Mugabe regime

  • Amboba chiiko, hamusi kuziwa zvinhu zvikungonetsa munyika ndiye adii

  • Vanodii kundoita Mugabe izvozvo.Kudhererera poor woman.Ungabva wa punicha munhu zvakadaro.Vanhu vane hutsinye.

  • Nothing wrong here, if you have a business you will understand…..

    • Won’t this type of doing instigate mob psychology that would lead to someone getting beaten 👀

    • Asekuru mbavha paZim dzawanda as Zimbabweans we do not burn people like Nigerians or South Africans. But some form of community justice is relevant kana ku boarding munhu wakaba waiziva kuti boys dzaikurova. Dats why if u call out mbavha mbavha mbavha inotiza because of the consequence to follow. Munhu ngaatye kuba if not ZRP inongo pihwa $1

    • 😂😜,situation yekumba inenge isina kumira mushe zve asekuru… ikati regai ndiite maoko marefu!

  • No why stealing? It’s better you beg than being humiliated like that

  • This is not a funny story. Noone sets out to commit a crime without a push factor. Poverty and desperation can turn preachers into thieves and prostitutes. All this is becoz of ZANU pf.

  • Dai waita zvevedio b4 waiswa flour now hazvitooneke

  • Hapana utsinye hunodarika ihwohwo

  • Kwaaaaaaks

  • Kuraramisa mhuri munyika inenzara

  • zimwiierdos


  • This breaks my heart before I even watch it

  • TheYellow🌻SunFlower🌻

    Musadaro veduwee!

  • Ignatius Chombo is stealing everyday