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‘Spoilt Rotten’ Zimbo kid cursing at parent

  • Cde Simba Rashe

    Listen how casual the parents are about it. If it was my son, he will be on the next available plane to Zimbabwe. I assure you Dotito ill love him back to his senses. On a serious note, there is evident bad or neglective parenting reflecting.

    • mahumbwe

      TTrue Simba. ..The problem is not the kid but delinquent parents

    • bro

      Lol he needs 3mg of shamhu

    • Goodlife Lynus

      Dotito, to whose house? If you raise your children in that manner, you should bear the consequences.

  • Dade

    Please remove this video! Whatever the child’s behaviour he’s still a child and there’re basic ethics around child protection. It’s not right to broadcast this video and demonise him the world over. He may have behavioral issues related to autism or other clinical conditions of which we’re not aware. Who are we to decide what his issues are just from watching a 1 minute video? As adults we have a responsibility to behave more responsibly in relation to kids. Please take this down, I don’t believe the parents gave permission for you to post this and it’s just not right.

    • chris

      clinical desease? like what

      • Dade

        That’s the point, we know nothing about him but this sort of behaviour certainly in keeping with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder or similar. They are conditions not diseases.

        • Cde Zvinoshupa

          Asperger’s syndrome by the looks of it!

        • Nisha

          Sorry but there’s a difference between an autistic kid n a rude brat!

          • Dade

            And what is it?

          • Vuvu Masindi

            There is no excuse for a child to call an adult bitch, no matter what disease they are suffering from. The shouting or the tentrum I can understand but the language is just not on. He knows he can get away with it!

        • Cde_Gaba

          this is what we call “kusarohwa” syndrome. treatment is fairly simple….

          • Diva Dollar

            very true! Best response yet.

        • Lieutenant Kadhafi

          Anoda kungomamiswa chete to instill discipline and respect for elders. There is no disorder here my friend its just lack of discipline. Ngavandipoo kwevhiki chete anopinda mumuforo. This is what we call a monumental failure of parenting. Even the Bible says when the child behaves like that the parent should take a rod and discipline him.I have visited relatives with such kids and got so embarrassed when the kids can do or say anything in front of the elders and all the parent can say is ‘haaa uyu haanzwe’ or “hey sweet stop that” I remember mudhara wangu aikuregedzera gwati pavanhu ipapo

    • chris

      You are the types to rear children like this. Obviously he heard these swear words from somewhere, Even a child with Downs can be taught these words are a no-no. Blame lies solely with his parents, for being so casual and also for letting the behaviour continue.

      • Dade

        Typical African mentality! Beat your child to death instead of getting to the root of the issue. My point is some behavioural issues have a clinical root and the parents may need to get help in handling it appropriately. Whatever the reason, you don’t have enough info to be judging a situation you know nothing about.

        • chris

          Like I said, Ndimi type who raise little shits of children and blame everything but yourself for your handy work. Who beats their own child to death?

          • Dade

            Plenty do and the fact remains you’re not in any position to be judging a situation you know nothing about, and neither should you. End of story!

          • chris

            Good luck with your little angels who only misbehave because they need a dose of ritalin. SMH

          • Dade

            As the parent I’ll make the decisions with full information yes. No judgement needed from know-it-all strangers.

          • chris

            funny enough Kids these days are loosing control but back in the day, there was non of that. i guess ritalin was more readily available right?

          • Dade

            I have no evidence of your sweeping statement and whether or not it’s even true. Every generation thinks the next generation has lost control but is it in fact true? I haven’t seen the evidence.

          • chris

            Its a known fact dear that kids are engaging in sex, drugs and crime earlier and earlier all over the world. if you don’t know that, I call it ignorance

          • Dade

            There’re many things that each generation engages in that the previous generation didn’t. The challenge for all generations is how best to bring up their children in the changing times because times are always changing.

          • Shotso

            Dear Dade
            A child who calls his mother “bitch” does not deserve to live another day in this world. An adult who supports such a child has met the same fate. Expire right now and down in your own faeces you son/daughter of a bitch .

          • dark_million

            im pretty sure children were engaging in sex earlier through out history, look at history they were getting married off as soon as they hit puberty. this statement is based on unfounded or only a very narrow time period.

          • chris

            you are right. Let me change my statement. Children are engaging in casual sex with multiple partners earlier and earlier. Kudhara vairorwa and I pretty sure you know that.

            All over the internet you can see govt led research that shows that on average, adult crime is reducing but juvenile crime is on the increase. since 2000. Adolescent sex is also increasing at a younger age. do your own research instead of displaying ignorance.

          • chris

            All this is happening while the kid is attached to his phone???? and you wonder where he is learning all this crap, but rather choose to make up diseases like ADHD and autism as an excuse? You are delusional

          • Dade

            Please calm down! I’m not saying the parents are handling him correctly but neither do I think you spewing bile at them with no knowledge of the child’s circumstances helps. Please keep your angry judgement if it makes you feel better. I gave my opinion on this forum, you asked me what I meant by clinical conditions I told you. I can’t help that you don’t agree and neither do I care. Beyond that we’ll have to agree to disagree. No amount of name calling will change my opinion. After all the forum is for MY opinion and you’re welcome to YOURS.

          • chris

            spoiling your kids is not loving them, remember that. spending time (TLC and tough love) is what raises an upright human being. Remember that, and you won’t go wrong.

          • Dade

            You may think you know something about my parenting style but I assure you, you do not. My advice is stick to parenting your children and don’t be quick to judge those you know nothing about…and you won’t go wrong.

          • chris

            that was a general statement, but if the shoe fits….

          • Mr. Ndini uye uye

            . Feeling rather sorry for the mother. What we don’t know is how long she has put up with the behavioural issues with this young fella to be “low key responsive” to such insults. Instead of beefing over the issue which I personally think the imbecile that posted or took this video has severe mental issues than the kid himself. Ndokwazwakabva

          • Dade

            It’s very easy for all these arm chair specialists to sit here and make declarations about a situation they know nothing about. I now happen to know who the family is and the child’s circumstances are complex as I suspected. Whoever uploaded that video (and it’s not the parents) deserves to be sued.

          • chris

            really. you know the family, therefore you have suddenly qualified in psychology. hahahaha

          • Dade

            It just so happens I am in fact a qualified clinical psychologist. What is your point?

          • chris

            yeah sure you are…

          • Dade

            This might come as a surprise to you but your snarky comment has no bearing on my qualifications or professional standing. It’s always telling of people who think someone cannot possibly be one thing or another simply because of the things they themselves are lacking in their lives.

          • Mbare Phd

            Kkkkk, Zimbos think everybody’s a bottom wiper, that’s what they understand.

          • eh zvedu

            Tibvire kumhepo, harinyari kutsigira matoto akadai. Kumba kwako zvingaitike izvi wakatarisa, tingasati uri duzvi renguruve! Kwana wanzwa.

          • chris

            CA Australia here with career achievments you can’t count on one hand. If you are a shrink you may also need skills in being a witch doctor to diagnose someone via a Bluetooth.

          • Dade

            If you truly are a CA then you should have the basic intellect to read my original post and see that I didn’t diagnose anyone but merely pointed out that people should hold judgement. As it turns out he does have medical issues and my point was always that he should not be vilified on the Internet based on a 1 minute clip. I stand by that.

          • chris

            its called a discussion, hence the name of the forum “Discus”. Lol facts are stubborn, you don’t know jack about this kid but felt the need to take the high horse. anyway good luck diagnosing people via youtube videos. First it was non medical conditions, now its medical conditions. Lol

          • Greenbomber

            My friend, can’t you tell this Chris is a Shona Gugurahundi? You can never reason with these people. Abalanqondo! Tshiyana labo!

          • schirunga

            Are u talking about the Shona in general or what ?? Being Ndebele does not make you superior in any way. Make sure you’re clear with your expressions.

          • eh zvedu

            I see… that’s where its all coming from ….. you are looking for a job from this broken family.

          • Gary WekuZviyambe

            Using words like fcuck and bi**th has nothing to do with all the psychology that you wish to bring in. Mwana uyu is just a spoilt brat. He can reason enough to link Africa and Ebola. Akaregeredzwa from birth chete.

          • Diva Dollar

            …I beg to differ…it is evident that what he is saying was taught from somewhere and someone…and we are saying he can be untaught the same rubbish behaviour he’s exhibitting.

          • Mafira Kureva

            Ichokwadi ichocho, tone yaamai ndeyeresignation. She has tried everything that she could do for the kid I am sure but zviri kuramba. People are just rushing to judge her hushly but she might actually be the victim in this case

          • kizmores

            This brat needs a smack to put him in line according to how I was raised up. This is way too much to call auntie a bitch. It is unheard of and would not be tolerated. I’m not sure if this family has a father.They all seem to laugh at it while the kid is spitting vernom like a puff adder.

          • SR C

            Why should he be raised like “YOU” were raised up ? You’re a fucking idiot.

          • Bo Ska*z

            Until they start causing problems for wider society by robbing, mugging and murdering innocent citizens because they were never disciplined at home. It would really be nice if these scummy little shits only attacked ‘thoughtful’ people like you!

          • dark_million

            i love how you act like your “pure bred” african children are saints when they arent

          • chris

            My sister/brother, you won’t see my kids disrespecting an adult like this little devil. FYI I have only hit him once and he is 15 now, doing well at school, and playing sports. No kid is perfect but ini I am happy with my child. Maybe you know him better than me.

          • nhonho

            Chris this Dade person is retarded thats all.

          • Dade

            As are you!

          • SR C

            If as Africans, you were REALLY smart with your kids as you want to think you are, how come your societies and economies are in the doldrums in every sense of the word ? Furthermore, as Zimbabweans, if you were that smart…YOU WOULDN’T BE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF A 91 YEAR OLD WHO SPENDS 23 HOURS OF THE DAY SLEEPING. Get a grip on yourselves !!!

          • Kufandada

            Please confine your insults to just the individuals debating this child with you.There is no relationship between the economy,politics and the value system of a nation.Zimbabwe rural people have the least economic means,but the children they raise respect not just their parents,but all older people.

          • SR C

            There’s a relationship between all the things you’ve mentioned. People here are pointing to western culture being the culprit for this child’s behavior. Let me make one point clear to you, NDIRI MUZEZURU AKAZARA SAKA NDINOZIVA ZVANDIRI KUTAURA. This kid clearly has a condition, most likely ADHD or ADD. Mucharova mwana kusvika afa much icings kuti ndiko kutsiura. That kid has obviously grown up in a western society judging by his accent, but why is he there ? Because politics and the economy have forced his parents there. Who’s in charge of the economy ? Your 91 year old president !!! How is a 91 year old in power ?? You, the really smart Zimbos put him there !!! If you didn’t vote him in, how come you’re this docile and accepting of your plight as a nation ? MUGABE AKABVA ANOTONGA NDIANI ???? A bullshit question needing no answer.

        • faith

          Thumps up yo that aftican mentality because you will never hear such words come out of a parent with an African mentality but your type yes we wont br surprised finding you raising such a kid and goung from one psychologist to thr next

          • Baba Itai Joshua Mutongerwa

            whats wrong with african mentality? you would rather teach about another race and abondon yours. Its easy to blame other things and people than takng responsibility. Were you or anyone you know not naughty at did they have pills shoved down their throat. Lazy parenting. Discipline is all that’s needed.

          • Jane

            Another idiot who thinks they have all the answers. Beating children is the laziest form of parenting.

          • eh zvedu

            Baba siyanai nembwa idzi, vari kuda kuti tisvike pavave, broken homes dzega dzega in the name of rights. What right does a child have insulting adults like that? Hachisi chirwere chinoda mapiritsi, shamhu yakagadzirirwa musana webenzi. Uyo anozviti Dade ari kutotsvaga basa kuti family iyi iende kwaari vachiti mwana anoda psychological help. Imbiti idzi. Mfana anoda kuzvambaradzwa zvinopoera izvi.

        • John

          Typical Euro/western mentality.. Diagnose everything as clinical and try to live with it. Bad parenting is bad parenting. No matter if you got brain cancer you cnt go around calling pple bitch and expecting noone to do nothing about it

        • Mama

          Typical African mentality my black ass, please I am an asd parent and believe when I say this brat is not on the spectrum what he needs is an ass whooping of epic proportions

        • Tino J Ngoshi

          Its not typical African mentality even the bible days parents must have a responsibility to beat up such…no wonder this idiot calls his mom a bitch….There is no disease here just pathetic parenting.

        • Mafira Kureva

          Sando dzako Dade, I think so too!!!

    • Beaven

      What if i told you, calling elders “bitch” has nothing to do with ADHD but cld be a result of bad parenting?

      • Dade

        Clearly you choose to misread my post. Please go back and read it carefully before you ask questions that infer things you’ve chosen to ignore in my original post.

    • mahumbwe

      Dade please parenting is not for cowards.dzokai kumusha

    • leigh

      Clinical what!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is outrageous gosh!!!!

    • Mozzie Theking

      I don’t think he has a problem, yes parents are to be blamed for that because this shows it didnt began days ago. Parents take responsibility as much as he does. My suggestion is that the kid need to be taken to church, join Sunday school and make him play around kids with a different attitude. That way he will be able to clearly see he is such a brat. He is old enough to know what to call your parents, and his choice of words shows he can distinguish bad language from good. Parents need to first whoop him, tell him to sit his ass down and do some homework. He seem to a serious anger problem, if that is the case then he need to get help ASP, otherwise as per bible mwana anorangwa Proverbs 23:13 Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die.

    • mhofu

      Even if this is a disease or condition the fact the the aunt was filming it and the mum was relaxed and talking of kudya sadza are all signs that they have neglected that child and spoiled him rotten. The child is clearly angry and my guess is as Zimbabweans we tend to take these borrowed cultures and in the end we fail to keep with them – lack of God or even just taking the child to sunday school does help – living in these council estates also plays a role on the foul mouth of the kids as well as parents fighting in front of kids or divorce and the child having to go through 5 different uncles each week – As parents let us learn from these situations and be able to help and have solutions for such illnesses or conditions rather than be like the evil aunt who posted the article online

    • Brother Mouzone

      From what I understand you were right. He apparently has some mental disorder / isn’t well. I don’t have the full details but I agree with you here.

      • Bo Ska*z

        What little detail do you have then? Maybe better to come back with the full details before deciding if this Dade character is right.

    • ngongongo

      the only disease this little chav has is bastarditis . there obviously no male influence in his life

    • Mkhanyisi

      Clearly you’re the one with ‘unknown clinical conditions’ if you think this is some sort of disease or condition.

  • Guest

    Please remove this video! Whatever the child’s behaviour he’s still a child and there’re basic ethics around child protection and privacy. It’s not right to broadcast and demonise him the world over. He may have behavioral issues related to autism or other conditions of which we’re not aware. Who are we to decide what his issues are just from watching a 1 minute video? As adults we have a responsibility to behave more responsibly in relation to kids and not use them as cheap entertainment. Please take this down, I don’t believe the parents gave permission for you to post this and it’s just not right.

    • chris

      Tibvirwe apa. How many videos do you see on the net of children? so this one should be taken down because it doesn’t suit your tastes. Kuna editor we say thanks and keep up the good work. This creates social awareness on issues in the diaspopo.

    • Gary WekuZviyambe

      Who took the video and forwarded it other people in the first place? It is the boy’s family

  • Ranga

    Amai vemwana uyo ndipei mwana uyo ndikuroverei…. if its a medical condition inopora neshamhu. prescription yake: shamhu nemunamato…. I need a week naye, ndokudzoserai aamunyowani. my granny wd need an hour with him anenge aabhoo……

  • Madhliwayo

    Let us not be quick to judge, there is more to this issue.A child just does not wake up 1 day and start to curse like that. Before it got to that, Where were the parents or guardians ??In the video it kinda sounds like its the norm for him to be acting that way.
    A parent or Guardian should always be the parent.Discipline or Train up a child the way they should go, when they are older they will not depart from it.

    • TM in Melbourne

      Whoever leaked the video is part of the problem and now we gotta air our dirty laundry on the public forum. The anger in that young man is a sign of a very disturbed individual and he desperately needs help. Let’s not be quick to ‘ throw stones’ at him for starters he’s a child and we do not know the full story. There is obviously some dysfunction in the family from the way he spoke to them and the way they seemed to react. The family need to get him help now because if they miss this window of opportunity, he’s heading for the criminal justice system. Corporal punishment at his age will only reinforce his anger and I don’t think it will resolve anything.

      • Dade

        So nice to read some constructive comments. I have a problem with him being identified in the first place and the whole judgemental attitude is probably what stops parents getting help in the first place.

        • Gillian

          Ask yourself who leaked the video….why did the parent or whoever take it in the first place? they obviously sent it to someone who sent it to someone and so forth and so forth… so yes, the parents are to BLAME!!

      • Prim

        This was obviously recorded internally. In that hse. That’s where the problem is. Those adults in there are so casual abt it. Unfair as it sounds, if they read other people’s opinions they will see kuti hazvishamisire.
        Shame on them

      • Mozzie Theking

        I partially agree with you, but from his foul mouth he is just spoiled that all. Calling his mum a bitch is totally unacceptable, the only help he needs is a very nice beating. I don’t think he has a problem, yes parents are to be blamed for that because this shows it didnt began days ago. Parents take responsibility as much as he does. My suggestion is that the kid need to be taken to church, join Sunday school and make him play around kids with a different attitude. That way he will be able to clearly see he is such a brat. He is old enough to know what to call your parents, and his choice of words shows he can distinguish bad language from good. Parents need to first whoop him, tell him to sit his ass down and do some homework. He seem to a serious anger problem, if that is the case then he need to get help ASP, otherwise as per bible mwana anorangwa Proverbs 23:13 Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die.

        • Bo Ska*z

          He needs to be delivered first, there is a nest of demons in that little kid.

  • Haiwawo mashura chaiwo. ADHD kuita sei. Akasvavidzwa plain simple. Kubatira chirungu mudenga now it’s blowing in their faces. You plant a seed you reap in multiples. Rear a child the right way you reap good behaviour in multiples, rear a child this way and you have to deal with the consequences

  • Nicholas Njela

    his kind of behaviour does not exist in kids raised in Zim. the western world might give a range of medical excuses but even medically challenged kids have a sense of who the parent is. If this kid was in Zim, he would have been whipped into line for even “thinking” about cussing his parents. I wonder if the father was in that room when his son was talking like that. western values give too much freedom to children to a point where they feel they are bigger than their parents. the moment you lose your childs respect, is the day you lose that child to the world. SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD.

    • Prim

      Not really. I agree there is some form of freedom of expression in western values but clearly this is not an individual who would be welcome in society as a “good citizen”
      Values include respect, courtesy, politeness and this lad’s behaviour is Pluto from all this.
      This is bad parenting. They spoke in shona and he understood and responded.
      Hapana zvema condishini apa

  • chuku chuku

    matuzvi emwana chaiwo. ….blame the parent’s. They sound so casual. .Ayaaaa. nxaaaaà

  • Madzibaba Nhingirikini

    A simple case of a hopefully diagnosed mental illness. Shame on the person who recorded and posted this video on the net. Il mention again how the Internet shall be the fall of mankind.

  • dark_million

    they deserve this because of potrait recording

  • African Princess

    One way ticket to Africa…For this young thug.

  • Me

    I am absolutely disgusted by this. DID THE PARENTS GIVE PERMISSION FOR THIS STORY TO BE POSTED ON THIS SITE? This is a child in his formative years, having a bad moment. Other than that, we do not know anything else about this boy. How on God’s earth is exposing this boy’s bad moment for the whole world to see helping the child in question? It’s just going to make the parent feel bad about her parenting skills, nothing else. The internet has made people so very insensitive. Appalling indeed!! We pass negative judgement in the comments section(on a minor for that matter) based on a 1 min video and happily carry on with our day. What is this world coming to? I guess it makes people feel good about themselves in comparison to this boy’s mother whose dirty laundry has been exposed for all to see. If she gave permission for this video to be shared then I really would love to know what she wanted to achieve by doing so? If she wanted help then I think she should have provided a background to that video. But if she didn’t give permission and someone leaked this video to you, SHAME ON YOU NEHANDA RADIO. You have acted very irresponsibly by sharing this video. It should be against the law to post videos of children having bad moments and have judgemental grown ups comment negatively about it. Nehanda Radio did not even care to cover the child’s face…smh. This child still has a chance to learn to be respectful to others, he is young and still developing but the same cannot be said about adults passing judgement on the parents and him……you are fully grown men and women. You can’t unlearn your insensitivity and lack of compassion. I wonder who is to blame for that…….your parents?!?!

    • Dade

      In many places it would be illegal or editors would be sensitive to the fact that he’s a child and self-censure. I doubt the mother posted this.

      • Gillian

        She might not have posted it here, but DID SEND IT SO SOMEONE WHO DID!! yes, the mother is to blame. I will never take a video of my children and share it with anyone…. its very dangerous nowadays if you did not know.

        • Bereka Sabhu Chauya Chauyateu

          If you observe Mum is in the background… Looks like aunt was recording… Possible was not real aunt but a friend who sent to someone etc etc…. No one really helping the poor young man who’s going through his own struggle… Shame. I wonder how many parents are commenting on this video? You’d think they’re seasoned parents or psychologists… & this sort of “journalism” for want of a better word… Shame on this Nehanda TV… NOTHING SPECTACULAR… Cry the beloved country!

          • Vachihera

            I happen to have a close family member that has assisted in calming that child. The video was taken by the same aunt getting abused. She took the video secretly and posted it on Face Book. The mother has posted her own comments on Face Book stressing dissapointment and betrayal. She has reported the matter to the police. The child has BiPolar and she used to hit him at first but nothing changed until when she took him to the GP where he was diagnosed as having BiPolar. I worked as a PA in a Mental Unit with clients from depression to severe paranoid schizophrenia. The rules were simple. “One abuse towards staff and you are out”. Those rules were adhered to by all of them. This mother maybe a single parent like me but Bipolar is no excuse and she needs to face the world and thanks to the Paparazzi who took the video. She has bred a little demonic shit that can call an adult “bitch”. In ndiri Vachihera kwedu hatinzwaro with kids. Let the world laugh and STOP blaming mental health issues on such a little dwarf.

          • SPOILED BRAT

            whatever type of dzz that child has i blame the parents, spare a rod spoiil the child, they want to raise him the western way which is nt it, if he can do this to his parents what of at school?, I CAN SEE HE IS HOLDING A SMART PHONE WHICH OBVIOUSLY WAS BOUGHT BY THE THE MOTHER FOR HIM WHOM HE IS CALLING BITCH, WHAT A SHAME, HOW MANY IN ZIM SUFFER FRM THAT DIZZ? THERE IS NO DIZZ TO TALK ABOUT KURERERA MWANA PACHINENA FULL STOP, AT 15 ANENGE AKUTOVAMAMISA AMAI VACHO, NDOVACHATOKWIRA NDEGE KUMUTIZA AVAKIRINGA

    • Alice Muzuva Sakuhuni

      I am not condoning any publication of this video but it’s too late to take it down because this video has been posted all over the internet it’s not just on this site. It’s also all over Facebook and zvinhu zvirikufaya page on Facebook. It has over 1400 comments and 65000 views already on zvinhu zvirikufaya on Facebook. It’s really sad. Unfortunately the genie is Out of the bottle and there’s no way of putting it back in the bottle.whoever was recording the video was very tactical about how they did it. If you noticed they only recorded the child and yet when the Mom was talking they never recorded her face. Same thing with the Aunt you never see her face. Zvakaoma.

      • Bereka Sabhu Chauya Chauyateu

        Youre right watch itvtwice then its obvious It was Mum’s “friend”…. Mind you the child even retorted she’s not my aunt… Malicious intent….. Even Tyrese Gibson celebrity posted this on his Facebook page. One child’s bad moment for the world to laugh at….. Literally

    • Gillian

      The parent or auntie shot the video and sent it to someone who sent it to someone and so forth and so forth…. they should have known better than take a sensitive video and share it with whoever. unless if you think their phone got stolen and someone posted that!! Be realistic!!

  • Akatude

    Sorry but this is very disturbing, i can only speak for myself and most of my generation growing up in Zimbabwe.. , we never had the so called ADHD and we certainly never had children behaving like that.. Cause our parents had it together..

    • Dade

      Not true, there were and still are many people with mental health conditions. It’s just that we choose not to see them and the kids fall by the wayside, labelled as ‘dull’ and simply become misfits.

  • Bereka Sabhu Chauya Chauyateu

    Editor, please remove this video. Whoever posted this video is disturbed clearly. I find it disturbing that a child is being publicly broadcast & criticised. What’re we trying to achieve?? If its been done before so what of it? Raising kids without other relations with the child alone without relatives … Perhaps the child being bullied… The child may be stressed by always being indoors, on iPad, phone, PSP, Xbox, watching TV ETC has decimated our culture and the next generation is suffering. Thus child us in pain… If possible it’d help that this child goes to visit significant other relations not just spending his entire life indoors with his mum trapped by the harsh weather etc. he may learn from his cousins in Zimbabw Parenting classes or reading a book or literature on parenting never hurt.

  • Bereka Sabhu Chauya Chauyateu

    He’s only copying the Brummie culture which is all he knows… Maybe he has no friends to emulate and watches TV- Eastenders etc and thinks its ok to be a Chub.. Parents evidently don’t know what to do…..

  • Crystal Mundabai

    Kusarobwa uko nxa!!!

  • what would you expect from the Munangagwa’s family this is the grandson

  • Mama

    No clinical conditions here just a spoilt brat who needs to spend a year or two in zvimba, gutu, gokwe or the like Ana ambuya will smack that crazy out of his mouth

    • Jane

      And you know his clinical background how?

  • Mozzie Theking

    Did he just said Fucking bitch? Luck he is not mine, i was going to whoop him too bad.

  • Pafeya

    He must be from single independent woman….a man can not raise a kid like dat!!

  • Onini

    Dade I support the “Typical African Mentality” as you would call it. The West right now is suffering from immorality, a cultureless people who justify immorality with “I have the right to do it”. They are struggling to keep it together and trying to revert to the “Typical African Mentality”. Meanhwile you identityless Africans are trying to copy the exact same mistake that the Americans & Europeans have made, an error they want to rectify whereas you want to move from the correct to the wrong. The “Typical African Mentality” is the model of how a family unit should be. What the Typical African Mentality would teach me in such a situation is, temha shamhu yemu haburosi umbozvambaradza munhu azive pekutangira nekugumira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nhodza

    fuckin’ twat

  • Mafira Kureva

    I dont think so, waida kuti varidze hosho here iwe simbarashe? This happened in the UK and vana havarohwe kuUK there isnt much you can do otherwise. This clip is just a tip of the iceberg, we dont know much about what this family has been going through so lets not judge any of the individuals based on it. For instance, where is the father? We know kuti pachivanhu chedu vana baba ndivo vanotsiura vanakomana. Mi is probably never there because she has to juggle three jobs to feed, cloth and even school that child. I rest my case

  • Rocquie_OG

    Apa achiine fone zvake. Asi vana havarohwi kuHingirandi here

  • wendy

    my son and grandson are autistic and have never sworn and one is 12 and other is 9 this child is spoilt and his parents are no better thinking its funny

    • George

      If they are autistic then you know it’s a spectrum hantsho? What your son and grandson are have nothing to do with another child.

  • Moideen E Mawa

    straight to kumusha no air time no lite and carry your water for 1 month

  • Langa Dube

    Going back to the comment someone made about how child’s these days are losing control’ that’s not true. I’m 19 Zimbabwean and I’ve been bought up almost all my life in England. And I feel as though I would never ever talk to my parents the way that child did, it’s only a matter of how your parents bring you up, if that ppchilds mum and aunt were more strict he wouldn’t be acting like depth at, never would I ever dream of working into my fathers house after 10′ he’d lock the door and tell me to come back in the morning. So over all it’s the parents to blame, it’s a shame really it makes Zimbabweans look weak and dumb, just because you live in England doesn’t mean you need to act like them

  • MisNeni

    We are slowly losing our children because of these “children’s Rights” Their are being groomed into ZOMBIES. We can not control them because they are protected by ‘Rights’ I feel sorry for the child coz by the time he turns 18yrs, he will be a nobody, an outcast. A gangster coz even at school obviously he is not performing. Shame. We were raised to take care of ourselves in a right way. Pliz Zimbabwe, let us stop this kind on our children. lets teach them values. Mark my words, in 20yrs to come, our children will be reduced to a bunch of NOTHING even if they have Degrees and PHDs. God Help us.

  • Chris Shoca

    hehehehehe if this was my kid, that mouth will land in hospital before sending him kumusha_roots not even patown

  • Yola

    Kamfana aka kane mweya wetsvina big time. Hazvisi zvega izvi. Panotoda deliverance chaiyo. Kuri kwedu hatijaidze – ndizvo zvatinobvisira mabhandi. Inga kakajaidzwa fani.

  • Mna

    so sad. the mother really needs to do something abt this if its not already too late. this child has serious issues with being African. maybe he is being ill treated at school. the parents really need to pay attention to this. this is very painful to watch.

    • Mna

      surely you can not sit back and relax listening to your son talk like that. looks like the mother is the one who was busy taking the video.

  • Charakupa Denga Rati Rikuseke

    I actually got angry watching this ugly species of imitating human form….mwana kadayi better kukanda musewage zviyerere…kumwe kubereka kumama chokwadi…

  • Tyrion

    This kid needs real Zimbabwean parents who would beat the crap out of him. Kujaidzwa uku.

  • Belingwe1

    Ibonga iri, period. Haachagadziriki. Mukanwa makatoora kare.

  • Chiramwiwa

    This brat od a child is not in proper school. I am sure he is in what they call the PRU(Pupil Referal Unit) were the untouchable kids like this brat are send so that other ppls can learn better. They are just like that to the teachers. The education system has allowed brats this young to have freedom of stupid vocabulary and as you can see the mother cannot control him. Go into these schools you will get the shock from kids as young as 7yrs saying some very strong despicable words. Parents cannot do anything because of the armchair detectives who will run to the authorities to report.

  • Bhogo

    AH kwedu kwaGutu taivata nezhara nekuridza tsamwa chaiyo, kumhiri kwemakungwa kwashandura zvinhu. Pasi rasunama zvokwadi.

  • Muza Sibanda

    Isu vedu tinorova zvekurova zviya and vari mugwara vanoyemurwa neraini rose. Kujaidza vana nekudzidza kwenyu uku kusina basa. Hee ADHD what what – nonsense, nxaaa! Isu tinorova sekurohwa kwataiitwa nevedu vabereki vakatikudza zvakanaka. And you think you can get a future parent from that brat? Let alone a future leader? Nxaaaa!

    • SR C

      FUTURE LEADER ????? Hoyoka Mugabe wenyu aisatuka vabereki. Wake up !!

      • Muza Sibanda

        If you know what leadership entails, Mugabe is an embodiment of what leadership is all about.

        • schirunga

          What leadership are you talking about ? In that case, even HITLER was a true leader but does that make him decent ? Mugabe has been killing his own people for ages. Maybe you are part of Mugabe’s inner circle. He gives out t-shirts with his face and bags of grain to poor villagers around election time and does not deliver anything afterwards. They threaten villagers by saying they are watched via cameras when they cast ballots. You can go to hell supporting Mugabe and ZANU PF. They have all the money, all the gold, all the land, all the food whilst the general public have a dirty ZANU PF t-shirt bearing your grandfather’s head…Shame on you !

          • Muza Sibanda

            It is you who should be ashamed of yourself. What have you done for your country as an individual? You expect Mugabe to create employment? How? Employment is created by you and me. Even if Mugabe is replaced by Tsvangirai today, there will be no miracle unless you and me work towards employment creation. Your MDC mentality of waiting for whites to come with jobs is warped. Mugabe is begging you to be masters of your own destiny but you reject that and wait for the whiteman. Shame, you are going to die poor.

          • Gire

            You are a true idiot, what’s the responsibility of a political leader if not to manage the economy? They work for us and if Zimbabwe was a company the whole lot would have been fired long ago.

          • Muza Sibanda

            That is where get it wrong. It is individuals who make and run economies. The role of politicians is to collect taxes and spend it. If you are not aware of this naked reality then you live in cloud cucooland.

          • Gire

            People like you should never have got the vote, you let us down and are the reason Zimbabwe is the way it is. Utter idiots!

          • Muza Sibanda

            And how smart are when you are drowning in poverty. Shame

          • Gire

            That’s my point! We’re all drowning in poverty because of the inept leadership that you hero worship. Go and study Economics 101 if you don’t understand how government action impacts the economy! Dofo for sure!

          • Muza Sibanda

            The irony is when you are busy crying about your government, whites are busy grabbing opportunities in the same Zimbabwe you are saying haiite. Wake up and start working for yourself. I am not drowning in poverty alongside you. Some of us are wide awake and we are busy creating employment and making money. Mugabe opened the gates for us and hapana chekumirira. By the time you wake up we will have gone international with our bisinesses. You will cry for Mugabe when he is gone. Come on wake up!! Muri kuitwa chikuku vatavata nemurungu when he is busy negotiating huge business deals in Zimbabwe.

          • Gire

            ZANU PF thief through and through.

          • schirunga

            You can keep dreaming. What international “BIZINESSES” are you talking about ??? Firstly, you cannot even spell properly. Secondly, what has this got to do with race ? It doesn’t matter what colour you are if you play your cards right and ethically. I live in a predominantly white country and have achieved things I could only dream of before I moved. Stop hating. Every time something happens, you are looking overseas for help. Aids, ebola, droughts, etc. Why if we are that smart, do we have to wait for western intervention to solve our problems. Regai makaro nekuba. It’s a disgrace how our African countries are governed. In the western world, the prime minister or president gets told off in parliament and there is no fear of victimisation afterwards. Right now, our ministers drive luxurious Mercedes Benz and other European makes yet Harare City council basically has no ambulances. Why do the police need Mercedes Benz to patrol the highway ? There is no work in Zimbabwe. Everyone is a street vendor, who will buy from who ? There’s no clean water in Harare…when is the next cholera outbreak ? Right now, Zimbabweans only have WHATSAPP as a pastime and entertainment. Can you explain to me what is happening with the local currency you wanted reintroduced ?

          • schirunga

            By the way, I don’t live in Zimbabwe anymore but one thing I can guarantee you is that I’m doing well and punching above my weight. What does it profit you and me to be rich whilst surrounded by poverty ?

          • Muza Sibanda

            Some of us working for the economy everyday. We are creating employment and in the process providing goods and services to the motherland. I am not like you who barks from afar. I am not a coward, I take challenges head on. I don’t run away.

          • schirunga

            What challenges are you taking head-on ? There are no challenges here !!! You are in a virtual prison my friend. Your mind has been twisted by the ZANU propaganda machine and you can’t see anything for what it is !! Ndinokunzwirai tsitsi vakuru.

          • Muza Sibanda

            You should feel pity for yourself. Some of us are sitting pretty by just using our brains while you are busy developing other people’s countries.

  • true zim

    This rat is in England and not Zimbabwe. His behavior is typical of children born out of idiotic political exiles who spent most of their time boot licking the white man’s ass.

    • SR C

      Is this behavior any worse than that of your fossilized 91 year old president that you as smart Zimbos voted into power. Look at yourselves and say you’re proud of where your nation is. Until you stop blaming your own failures and shortcomings on other people, your kind will forever be drinking from matsime emuMbare. You behave as if this kid has killed someone when you don’t even know where to put your X.

  • goldenballs

    Mfana uyu just suffers from one condition inonzi “lackofasswhooping” normally this can be treated by a daily dosage of a belt but when it reaches such stages a whoopincane is prescribe until he stops talking and starts respecting his mum

  • Mdawini

    I would beat the hell outta this shit kid.problem is these UK policies which dont allow pple to beat up their kids.dats why they dont respect elders.send the bloody bastard back to Africa and he gon learn

  • FreeZimbabwe

    The big question is ” does this kid lives with his father too or does he even know him. I can see the anger of this kid emanating from the fact that he either do not have access to his father or wants his father to be involved in his life.
    I remember when I came back after I was away for sometime from my son, he did not want anyone else to pick him from school. He will tell his aunt to go back and would wait for me to come and pick him up.

    The child needs a father figure !!!

  • ngongongo

    Gents this is why I strongly advocate against dating single moms. I see strong hwindi-genetics iin that little black fatherless chav.

  • maidei

    dai ari wangu kutaura kuno ndirikujeri.Vangu ndiscipliner izvozvi vane madegree matatu matatau
    ango rasika chete ndodzora neshamhu no two ways about it.

  • freedom_fighter

    Diaspora destroying our kids. You beat him and you will go to jail

  • Munyaradzi Makwangwari

    thats because the parents are always cursing mumba

  • Cde_Gaba

    this is what we call “kusarohwa” syndrome. treatment is fairly simple…

  • Rwatida Makuwe

    Spare the rod and spoil the child. Of course in UK it happens like this but you cannot behave like this here. Ndinokudambura ukadzikama mwana. Ngavauye nako kuno kuZim tiende nako pasi kwenyika uko kandoita one year kari muruzevha…the swearing will stop takabika. Aaaaa kuti chii? You see the law yekuti mwana haarohwi is pretty nonsense and does not agree with Bible statutes heey! Wake up!

    • SR C

      Zvamunongorova vana venyu muzvikoro, where are the results ? Discipline is not instilled through threats or fear but by mutual respect and understanding. Try to understand what’s going on with this kid. Munorova kusvika afa. Majeri enyu zvaakangozarawo wani. Discipline yourselves as adults first, learn a bit of restraint before judging. The fact that you’re a keyboard warrior says a lot about your own mental level. Do not quote the bible, not everyone is a Christian.

      • Rwatida Makuwe

        Haiwavo mwana anoda kurangwa achiri mudiki. Kuranga hakurevi kurova nguva dzese asi mwana unongoregwa hake unoyadzisa mai vake. Mwana ngaadzorwe!

        • schirunga

          Are u disciplining the kid for the mother’s image or for his own sake ? The one sorry thing about us as a people (as Africans) is that we’re so concerned about our own selves as opposed to being concerned for our children’s welfare and well-being. In this case, it’s all about the kid and NOT his mother. You pride yourselves with your “culture” and am I wrong to think you’re the very same people with the saying “MUGONI WEPWERE NDEASINAYO” ?

  • African in Zim

    The thought they are parading a star and their brightness/advancement by posting this video. But the truths of the matter is that this is a highly idiotic and lost families. They lack moral values, its not surprising that they are sexual perverts who gave birth to a mentally retarded child, whom they mistakenly believe to be a star and are proud of him. What they need is both spiritual and medical assistance, but it could be a bit late. However its typical of most of the self proclaimed so called political exiles who ran away from normal people this side of the earth to the snowy lands of Europe. The parents will also be busy roaming the streets of London like veld monkeys, claiming they ran away from persecution. That is their rule of law and democracy

  • Bo Ska*z

    Demonic possession! This is not normal, and the two women don’t realise that as soon as he is big enough, they’re going to be chopped up with a meat cleaver if this kid is not delivered. This is up north in the UK, probably Sunderland where most scum lives.

  • Sekuru Bhonzo

    I actually had a conversation with my wife this morning after friend told me that his son wakes up any time he wants and he gets to work late. I said to my wife that its the dad’s fault. I told my daughter that if she woke up late I’ll leave her behind and she knew I was capable of doing it and from that day she now can “hear” her alarm. Kana pamba apa panababa, baba ndovakafa vachifamba. My well behaved girls (20 and 15) would have been different if I had not put my foot down. It’s really sad being in the diapsora and end up like that because there is no point in being there since people went overseas to look for a better life.
    Having been a teacher and being parent I know that good children don’t just happen. How can a child call you bitch uku akabata phone yamakatenga nemari yenyu yemunowana matambura. On some occasions I have confiscated my daughter’s mobile phone for weeks as punishment. After this tantrum what are the consequences? Probably non because the fact he is like that he knows he can get away with it.

  • Kudakwashe Hlatywayo

    hey i jus went blank and i think from nowhere i am holding a 12 year old tongue….. what were we talking about

  • treydoe

    mwana wemudzimu haarohwe kkkkkkkk

  • Shila

    ko kuzoisa nyaya yemwana wehama yako pazere vanhu so ndokuita sei. kuti zvidini ani abatsirikane. this is more than putting dirty linen on the line. Aunty vakaposta this video Havana rudo sure. even if the mother sues her hazvina chazvichabatsira. pakashishiwa zviro apa. Things are just out of hand in that house unfortunately, mwana anotanga kuregererwa ari kuma 2 years when the kid starts knowing ndipo panofanirwa kushanda shamhu ipapo

    • Bereka Sabhu Chauya Chauyateu

      Ndiri “Aunty” vaya vanogona kuzodzoka vonzi vakato za Ba Daddy. Mai vaiti ishamwari but hayi! Superiority complex yacho. Even trying to get more of a reaction from the poor kid rather than just leave it.

  • Gire

    She can only be one of the thieves benefitting from the system and therefore wants it to continue.

  • Muza Sibanda

    Hahaha you expose yourself. It was Morgen Femai of your Mdc who talked about women bathing too much. It only shows how dump you are.

    • schirunga

      “dumP” ?… Didn’t you mean “dumB” ? Go to school and learn your spelling but I guess its too late now coz cause teachers in public schools haven’t been paid and they will not teach !

      • Muza Sibanda

        I dont dwell on such trivialities. You have shown how low you are. Really a grown up like you? Getting busy with English spellings? Shame!!

        • schirunga

          Tanga wadzidza kuti zvauri kunyora zvinorevei. Typical of you ZANU mongrels to brush everything aside as irrelevant.

        • schirunga

          I was only proving how your beloved ZANU PF has screwed up the education system in Zimbabwe. Pathetic

          • Muza Sibanda

            Some of us discuss issues, not tissues (like spellings or semantics). Get a life

          • schirunga

            You need to get a life coz you’re the one in the shit here. Until there’s a change of leadership in Zim, the place will remain a shit-hole.

  • Tanya

    please please, mwana uyu arikuda kurohwa and be sent kuzim achisiyiwa ku some mission school mudondo kune coporal panishment yakasimba. lets not talk nonsense, yes the mother has poiled him but england yakawoma, it turns children into tumaghora, send him kumusha chopazi!!!

  • CyrusRKO

    This looks like a boy who is sick & tired of being screwed with. Notice how many times he was quiet doing his own thing & those 2 women kept pushing his buttons on and on. You don’t want to get cursed out? Learn to leave people alone.

  • ashley namatai


  • erizabheta

    Child needs help, something is not right

  • Heidi K.

    My goodness, he sounds demon possessed. Let him take Bible lessons!

  • dhiziri pachinhoyi

    Dade wakupenga

  • Qwin bhichi

    I wish he was my son. I would teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. Beat the crap outa him, confiscate all his toys, pack a bag and let social services take his sorry butt. anenge ane Tourettes syndrome but where on earth did he learn such words. Lil’ a**hole

  • DontLieToUs

    Ndatotsamwa ndirini nhai, izvi ndokunonzi kumburamahada, jenderere, surekure chaiko uku.

  • Fire

    Bhurayi nhinhi iyo imere mapere panze apo kagwara

  • Mahlaeya

    This brat has a serious demon!! A spank or two will make him a good respectful child!!

  • Phone,wifi ,gumbo pa table,language,disrepect ne defiency ye shamu i blame the parents

  • Drey

    This little one really really needs exorcism!!