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Sick touts undress woman wearing ‘mini skirt’

  • S.K

    So now, as a female, you not only have to suffer the trauma and humiliation of being attacked in the streets because of what YOU decided to wear, but you also have to deal with the further humiliation of 1000s of people watching you being attacked and called names???? (p.s I did not watch the video and refuse to do so!)

  • Baba Andile

    so u mean to tell me there were no police officers on the street at the tym of this event. really? i feel the spokesperson we police must comment on this, coz i dnt remember mini skirts etc being illegal here in Zim. soon we gon hev these guys chopping off pple’s heads with knives and axes like some groups in the middle east. mukaregerera tsika idzi dzichidai taenda kumawere. vafana ava vanopinda mumabhawa mune zviri worse asi vokanuka izvi?

    • Dr Clarence

      She Should also sue the Bus terminus security, busy collecting parking fees and not doing their real Job nxa

  • marlon

    with a video like this i think its enough evidence to put some pple behind bars for some time so that pple wld learn hw to live w other pple in the society. vana vedu vototya kufamba her coz kune vanhu vasingagone kuzvibata…..

  • Darlingmawo

    This is disgusting. Women have rights to wear whatever they want. These ‘men’ are animals which need to be sent to an enclosure for life. I am a man and I feel these animals masquerading as men must be arrested. To those that know this lady, please help her get legal help especially with this footage as evidence for prosecution. This isn’t different from gang rapes that have characterized India, Ethiopia etc. What do authorities want to happen before things get out of control. Wait until someone dies? E.g. had that lady hit the ground after being pulled from the kombi she could have hit hard onto the tarmac and possibly die. This bastardly behavior must be stopped. I for one will celebrate the incarceration of these bandits. Progressive men stand up and put a stop to this madness before it becomes a pandemic. Where are women’s organizations including Padare/ Men’s Forum?

  • Zwe okaMthombeni

    Makes me sick thinking that there are stil men who think they have a responsibility to teach women what to wear and what not to wear. I am a man but I am disgusted.

  • tisutichatonga

    As much as this is bad,why not dress decently in the first place so as to avoid these humiliations.

    Koz unoona mukadzi achigeza akawanda ochinga akawanda asi anobuda aka shama. these women should know that muHarare City centre hakusi kubeach. And that the police who are supposed to protect them in the City havamirire izvizvo koz hazvina mari chavanogona kutora mari dzemakombi paroad.

    wat a pathetic police that we hev, Mapurisa emufirimu akange nani anosvika hondo yapera edu never show up even paine evidence of abuse like this they wont act

    • S.K

      but, where is the line between decent and indecent? Will you send people to my house to give me a thumbs up or down about what I’m wearing?

      Or better yet! How about a uniform that YOU’VE approved off that ALL women should wear… because, you know, the victim is to blame…

    • Sdazo

      But my friend this woman is dressed properly dont you see. Afterall said and done its not even surprising that they will go after woman with trousers and later on they would find justification to do the same to woman with long dresses vachiti they are too long. look at the lady she is dressed properly

  • Dr David Ph.D (UZ)

    Be warned, be safe by not wearing these provocative short dresses in Zim, I don’t subscribe to this but for all the demos and awareness campaigns it did not yield anything.

  • muyambo

    Unotoshaya kuti svirikufamba sei…. This is sexual harrasment tho

  • Fox

    This is sad. Really sad. If these are the kind of people we have become, then Lord have mercy. The dress is not even mini skirt. These thugs should be arrested. But then who will arrest them? Chihuri is no longer able to do anything.

  • rank marshal

    vakafamba vakashama vachamama chete

    • Ukbabe

      enda undofa iwe hwindi nefamily yako yese

  • crapiblogabout

    sick fucks, hope they’ll rot in jail, and hope they get raped in jail too.

  • Muzezuru

    zvinorwadza kuona izvi, mapurisa anga aripi ? kumaroad block ?

  • BrendaMav

    After seeing this barbaric behaviour I’m disgusted to even be associated with such foolishness. We are more intelligent than that, that’s not a way to treat anyone no matter what they’ve done. Disgusting men and so many of them. What a shame

  • Tbkay

    How short is short , as far as l watched this woman , she is dressed way better than wat we have seen , lets not abuse woman . And women must wear descent especially when commuting.

  • Polo

    These fools instead of rallying to remove Mugabe out of power they re busy removing that innocent lady’s clothes.What a bunch of worthless human beings.

  • Victor

    We had the same madness of marauding men- usually touts and other idlers- attacking, stripping and sexually assaulting women in major cities in Kenya some weeks ago. It started off with women wearing what the goons considered provocative attire but soon became a way of attacking any woman who dared to disagree with these goons on just about anything in public.

    It required firm action by the police and top government officials to send a clear message that such barbaric acts would lead to dire consequences. Some of the perpertrators are now staring at life in prison for their savage attacks on innocent women.

  • samu

    Hope something was done about these boys. vana vasina kurairwa. They were never taught respect ndosaka vari mahwindi. Kana teacher wechikadzi vaisamupa respect vachiti ihure hence they never listened vachipfura ma teacher nema rekeni. Tongai vakadzi venyu kwete kubvisa vevamwe mabhurugwa. As a woman ndanzwa hasha. muneshungu dzekuraira sterek. tangai mazviraira imi pachenyu mubve mutsika dzakaipa