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Politburo sets up committee to deal with price hikes – VIDEO

Politburo sets up committee to deal with price hikes – VIDEO

  • Prices are a result of market fores. There should be a committee to address economic fundamentals not a committee to deal with prices. We are repeating the same mistakes of 2008.

  • Dzikisai fuel first imatche nemamwe maSADC countries

  • True Dennis

  • certain things in zimbabwe seem to have no solution at all, because they torment us day-in, day-out. that’s the impact of misdiagnosis. well, i just hope this committee will address the root cause(s) instead of just threatening with all kinds of curses. a naughty physician will bandage the ankle of a soccer star complaining of some headache.

    is there some committee that deals with economic resuscitation yet? that engage all economic agents into dialogue inorder to pin-point key drawbacks and devise resolutions? because inspite of the vast hectic socio-economic changes that have been witnessed globally over the last two decades, its getting more and more harder plucking gunpowder from your heads comrades.

  • Ok.

  • LOOK AT THE PROBLEM CAREFULLY AND DONT GO FOR PRICE CONTROLS. It creates shortages. Increase supplies price will agjust automatically

  • Address the root cause of these price increases.Mukasadaro panoita ma shortages then black market yobva yatanga.

  • Let’s start with the parallel market, who is oiling the money changers?

  • Ever heard about Dead Horse Theory? I wonder when are they going to dismount.

  • Oooh boy!

  • Price controls are a recipe for disaster we have done that previously and we never learn. We are going to have a thriving black market with even higher prices than dzikurambidzwa now.

  • Siyai vanogona kutungamira nyika vaite basa imi muri vatongi makutotongera kuti maprice adzike. Handizvo economy ikanaka zvinozviita zvega.

  • Remove the draconian Statutory 64/16 among other raft of measures that may deemed appropriate

  • Why is it Zanupf is the one setting up a commitee to deal with price hikes. Isnt that the job of the govt

  • Zanu pf over stayed in power..I’m glad elections are around the corner we are going to hammer them.Mdc the only solution to all these

  • Scrap of the SI unit 64

  • Remove the Bond

  • The challenges we are facing cannot be solved by the politiburo but by all zimbabweans opposition and civic society.

  • These old people