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Oscar Pambuka appears in court – VIDEO

Oscar Pambuka appears in court – VIDEO

  • Wasting taxpayers’ money wth these useless arrests,whilst pple who crippled Zim are walking scot free,start arresting those who squandered $15 billion period!!!

  • Ask him whether he did not give some of the money to Magaya the fake prophet.

  • Y worry when u know the worst outcome is bail n u free

  • Ko arikutoseka wani as if aripa zbctv pa Melting pot wani …….Mean While arikuverenga news hapana kkkkk

  • is our government in an effort to end corruption, or merely revenging G40 – fearing it’s ghost hence hitting a final nail on it’s coffin?

  • Aiva ne dzungu Oskido iyeyu kubvira kudhara

  • Please tell your neighbour that melting pot yatanga