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WATCH: Gogo vachitaura kuti sei vachavhotera Zanu PF

  • Kanoda mubhadha plus kakaiguma kare kanengura

  • gogo makasara…kumashure-shure..

  • my people perish because of lack of knowledge

    • Wc knowledge , she is more wiser than most of us and God is guiding her to a correct decision. Her decision is not influenced by emotions which don’t analyse the root cause

    • Glendon Pfende she doesnt even know who the current zanu pf leader is,thats lack of knowledge….she says ropa rakadewuka yet shes breathing…this is commercializing lack of knowledge

      • Cde Development

        Ropa rinogona kudewuka munhu woramba arimupenyu

    • Am sorry Simba those people saw a lot more than u.She has greater life experience than most of us

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  • The Geography of a woman.
    Between 18 and 20 years , a woman is like
    Africa . Half discovered , half – wild naturally
    beautiful with fertile deltas . Between 21 and
    30 a woman is like America well developed
    and open to trade especially someone with
    cash . Between 31 and 35 she is like India
    very hot , relaxed and convinced of her own
    beauty. Between 36 and 40 , she is like France
    . Gently aging but still warm and desirable
    place to visit. Between 41 and 50 she is like
    Yugoslavia lost the war , haunted by past
    mistakes massive construction now necessary.
    Between 51 and 60 she is like Russia very
    wide and boarders are un-patrolled. The frigid
    climate keeps people away . Between 61 and
    70 a woman is like Mongolia a glorious and
    all conquering past but alas ,no future . After
    70 woman become like Zimbabwe everyone
    knows where it is but no one wants to go
    there .

  • Kkkkkk

  • Vanagogo vazhinji vacho vajadai vanenge vaine vana nevazukuru madofo . Nemathugs vasina future