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Mr. Lorraine: Life With a Man’s Voice – Lorraine Chademunhu (VIDEO)

Lorraine was born with a voice that some people believe belongs to a man. For most of her life she has been ridiculed, humiliated, judged and accused of being a fraud. Her story is about not hiding and refusing to apologise for not fitting society’s definition of femininity. Lorraine Chademunhu was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She moved to the UK 20 years ago and works in Mental Health. Lorraine is a mother, poet, rapper, DJ and stand-up comedian. She lives to inspire people to be true to themselves and not be defined by others’ opinions.

  • Some people are so stupid what do you like about this sad situation

  • It is good to air these circumstances, and it seems like this woman wants to complain.
    At school we had a boy who started growing breasts, we never needed LGBTQI to know how to treat him. Nowadays we are so brainwashed into thinking we shouldn’t say this or that, that we don’t use the basic human principles.
    One of the first principles of counselling, is to meet people where they are . We all need counselling but we have gone backwards in the last 30 years. When I was at school I would have thought it was a bit strange to have something like this in a public forum but now I know how people don’t really understand , people are just people.

  • The entire time I was listening to her, I was consistently trying to reconcile her voice to her body. I can imagine how tough a situation she is in.